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HaRPG Expo - Padro Horse


Breed: PadroHorse

Booth Number: 21

Attended By: Siranni Marea and Einarys Shadow-Eye

Horses Present: Stilte in de Storm and Zyler


Founder: KimboKah 
Representatives: WildOracle, Mimi-McG, and the entire padro community


Booth Design:
The Padro Horse booth is a simple wooden-style gazebo, with slatboard backing featuring a TV, which showcases some of the community's horses. The stall is decorated with Caribbean flowers, as this is where the breed originated. The horses attending are owned by members within the community also. The design was a collaboration from a number of people. 

Breed Information:
Padro Horses, originating from the Caribbean, are an extremely varying breed. The one thing they all have in common is colourful markings or 'speckling'. There are a number of mutations, as well as having the availability of natural markings, so there really is something for everyone. 

Information Journals:
An Introduction to the Padro Horse
The Padro Horse - A Brief History
How to get a Padro Horse
Mutations List
For other journals, feel free to check out the group!

Group and Community Information:
Above all, the Padro Horse group prides itself on the community. We are, essentially, a large family. We focus on helping each other out while breeding, drawing, and loving our horses. We do have a public discord group, where there is always a number of people available for a chat about anything breed (or otherwise) related. We welcome all artistic abilities, so even if you've never drawn a horse in your life, you're more than welcome to join and have a go!

As well as our amazing community, we have a great availability in terms of breeding (with a number of members willing to give free slots to newcomers), as well as open custom imports that are priced extremely generously. 

Members and admins alike are super friendly and approachable (we promise we don't bite!), and we're always on hand to help out!

This entire piece was made possible by the padro community!

Booth creation by:
Mimi-McG (main booth)
WildOracle (Storm)
MakkyFokinMcKay (Zyler)
EmoAngel99 (Flowers/Sign)
xiamant (animation)

Art Provided by:


Stock used:
Storm Stock
Zyler Stock provided by fillyrox 

Art featured:
Wintery Magical Puffs
King of the Rock
One Fine Day - Laiu and Tati
Fun in the Water
Show them the butts
Under The Night Sky
Something Changed
Rebels ~ Mae Foal Inspection
My Whole World
Tango Tingle at the Winter Open
Amo A Mi Jefe-base
Sands Through The Hourglass
You're Annoying - Blade and Liv
+ an image of Ever drawn specifically for this event

High Quality Images

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xiamant's avatar
sheds a single tear at the beauty 
Mimi-McG's avatar
thank you for aaalll your help with it, much appreciated <3
Chesterclaw's avatar
Aah, I was thrilled to see a Padro booth for the expo in my notification box! :love: I really hoped someone would make one for this awesome breed. Unfortunately I couldn't find time to attend the expo due to a chaotic real life, so I keep my fingers crossed there will be a second edition next year :heart:

The flowers fit the breed so well and I really like the idea of displaying Padros in action on a tv screen in the booth.

Also, I think it's about time I join the Discord group ^^'
Mimi-McG's avatar
Awww thank you! It was a team effort mostly organised in the discord, actually! 
We're definitely going to be back again next year!

Join us join us join us ;)
LetFreedomReign2's avatar
Oh, goodness! Guys, this is amazing! :la: I'm so thrilled with the groups teamwork, and what a result! The TV has sooo many gorgeous features, the animation is flawless, the booth itself has such a pleasant tropical vibe, and the horses outside are simply dazzling!

I only wish it was finished sooner so that more people could marvel at the booth.. Thank you so much for participating, your support means so much! :love:
Mimi-McG's avatar
Thank you so much for the kind words, I'll make sure everyone who took part sees them :D 

Next year we'll be more on the ball and get one done sooner, and it'll be bigger and better than ever! :love:
LetFreedomReign2's avatar
Can't wait to see your group there! :la:
DreamDrifter91's avatar
It looks amazing!! :squee: So impressed with everyone's team work and effort put in to get this up in time :love:
Mimi-McG's avatar
I'm so glad we did it, too! Super happy with everyone's participation, and dealing with my frustration xD
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