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[Battle of the Bays] Show Jumping - Walnut

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The jumps seemed way more daunting up close then they'd seemed from the door. Sam walked the course trying to figure out the best distances for Walnut. "Is his stride three steps or four?" she pondered aloud as she tried to gauge the distance between a double combination. "Ah screw it, he'll sort himself out here." Sam shrugged, finishing her course walk and heading back to her horse. Walnut was tied by the rental trailer she'd managed to get for the event. It was nothing flashy but it did the job and it was comfy enough for the stallion. He whinnied when he saw her approaching, flicking his tail to swat away a fly that that landed on his butt. 

Tacking up would have been so much easier if Sam had remembered the martingale. She had his cross country one, but it wasn't great for showjumping, and didn't really attach well to his showjumping saddle and bridle without a lot of fiddling. "Lets hope you don't need it, boy," she sighed, lifting herself into the saddle. She quickly adjusted her girth and stirrups and walked Walnut to the practice arena. It was almost empty, only one other horse was present and cantering in elegant circles. Walnut seemed reluctant to move, and Sam wasn't sure whether that was him being tired from their earlier cross country efforts, or her own sloppy riding. The stallion wasn't lame - she'd had to trot him up before the judges earlier before they'd been allowed to compete, and she'd iced the stallion's legs and he'd seemed great while she was leading him. Sloppy riding it was then. Walnut's canter was sluggish and disunited, and Sam just really wasn't feeling it. Usually, Sam loved show jumping, but since the terrible training sessions she'd had at home, she was reluctant in front of all these other people to jump her horse. Walnut evidently picked up on this as when she turned him towards the practice jump, he ran out and refused to jump. The second time, he just stopped dead, sending Sam flying out of the saddle. Luckily, nobody was around to see as the other rider had left. Grumbling, she picked herself up, brushed the sand off her jacket and remounted. With a growl of 'get up', they made it over the jump on the third attempt. It wasn't clean, but they'd done it. 

Sam practiced for the next twenty minutes, perfecting their jump and feeling more confident when he jumped cleanly over both the cross pole and the upright from both directions with ease. When they were called into the arena, Walnut high stepped his trot around the track and his canter transition was smooth and fluid, as if he was secretly a dressage horse. "Lets go then, boy," Sam aimed him towards the first fence, a pale blue upright. He jumped into the air, slightly close to the jump but he pulled his hooves up at the last minute and just scraped over it clear. The rest of the course was going to be fun...


Horse: N4671 AVE Walnut - 002
Rider: Samantha Reid
Class: Show Jumping
Show: Battle of the Bays: Horse Show 

I gave up when it came to this entry. I hate it. 


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aww this is cute! I love how you did the trees in the background xD