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[Battle of the Bays] Halter - Walnut

Walnut stood patiently with Sam, head high, watching the other horses with extreme interest. There were a lot of pretty horses, both stallions and mares, and Walnut was interested in greeting all of them. He gave a low whinny to a passing mare who put her ears back and lunged for him, much to the anger of her handler who snapped at the lead rope and pulled her away with a remark towards Walnut about him being a nuisance. "Don't listen to em, boy," Sam whispered, stroking his velvety nose, "You're the best behaved horse here, that mare wasn't good enough for you anyway." Walnut appreciated this comment and nuzzled the sleeve of Sam's shirt. "Don't do that, boy, you're gonna leave a-" she paused to look at the pale blue cotton of her polo shirt to see a large damp patch where Walnut had slobbered on her, "Wet patch.. Waalllnuttt." Luckily, the tone in her voice was jovial, so he knew she wasn't really mad at him. That, and she produced a single mint, which he crunched happily while he waited for the class to be called. He had been tied up among the other horses, but with it being such a busy event, the minute he was ready, Sam had removed him so as to give up the spot to another competitor wanting to get ready. Now, they stood in the shade of a cluster of trees waiting for their class to be called. They weren't alone. The place was buzzing with activity. People were leading gleaming horses across the yard, all some variation of bay. 

Sam wasn't surprised that she recognised many of the competitors. For example, across from her stood Serene and Vein, from High Supremacy Stables, another stables filled to the brim with exotic looking horses. Serene had her stallion gleaming in the morning sunlight - a real specimen of his breed. Sam was also almost certain she'd seen Luna arrive with Desperado, one of Walnut's many offspring. Sam was so busy trying to pick out other people she knew that she almost missed her call into the arena with all the other stallions. It was only that Walnut nudged her that she moved with the group of waiting stallions. She gave a small wave to Serene as they both moved towards the door, who returned it with a small smile. Making a mental note to have a proper catch up with her friends and fellow horse breeders at the end of the show, Sam walked into the arena with her excited stallion, who was now making himself known with much vocalisation and high stepping. "Oh Walnut, you silly goose. The way you're acting, you'd think you were the only stallion left on the planet!" 


Horse: N4671 AVE Walnut - 003
Handler: Samantha Reid
Class: Stallion Halter
Show: Battle of the Bays: Horse Show 

Story mentions:
Serene/Vein - slayingallhumans | Luna/Desperado - renasma6890 


PP: 15
Shaded fullbody +5
Background +3
Story (459 words) +4
Comp entry +3


Stock used:
by DancesWithPonies 
Handler by LuDa-Stock 
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Ohhhhh this came out so lovely :love:

And poor Walnut, that mare clearly doesnt know a good lookin stud when she swear one HAHAH :rofl:
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Dang, this is beautiful! Walnut's such a cutie :heart:
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This looks gorgeous and I love the story!
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