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The Consequence

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**** Check out my new film everybody! Better than the last! ****

A play on the traditional folktales of baby-stealing canines, this film is a short story of theft and punishment, appropriately named “The Consequence”.

This piece is an experimental combination of live animation and paper cutouts. All puppets, sets, and effects were made by hand. I had a really fun time on this one. I had no idea how well my camera would record in a low light situation, so a lot of my time was spent crossing my fingers and hoping everything would turn out ok. Had I known the camera would work so nicely (and not blur things, as I expected it to) I probably would have invested more time in the scenery and puppets to add even more detail to them. They were created simply with the impression that small details wouldn’t be visible through the screen. With that one criticism, I’m very happy with this as my first attempt at planning, filming, editing, and producing an actual film.

This film was included in my portfolio to apply for Experimental Animation at CalArts (and I got in). Seeing how much of a success this turned out to be on such an extremely low budget, I’m looking forward to the films that come after this one that I have more time to invest in. Everyone, cross your fingers for me! I have big plans.

Music by Mikey Kirkpatrick (aka Bird Radio). Much thanks to him for allowing me to use his music for my film. It’s quite beautiful, isn’t it? You can find his website here: [link] Give him a listen. You may be hooked.



Oh my gosh you guys! I thought it was settling down at 15,000 views. The 24 hour front-page bump was over, and now this! A Daily Deviation! Thank you for everyone who recommended it! It's nice to see that people like my work! I can't wait to release my future films!
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The minimalist style is interesting. Did you make paper models with joints so they could bend?
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eu não sabia que raposa tava carregando um bebê
Are you kidding me Icon 
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eu não saSweating a little... Icy stars Just be cute_GIF ICON -PC- 
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Whoa, this was amazing! Totally immersive and the end sent chills down my spine. O.O
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I'm impressed! Great work :)

RIP wolf...
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classic; suspenseful
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oh shit, here comes dat boi, shit waddup!
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all around me are familure races  :'(
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Awesome! I like the style that you make your own animation; it's different and it is great! Great animation, narrative and soundtrack! :clap:
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Wonderfully told. Has inspired me towards my own style of animation.
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you stole the wrong baby
you failed at life, wolf
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I just love it ^_^
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:O Flawlessly beautiful!
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Rest in spaghetti
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well thats sad
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