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I've recently embarked on a new project. Simply named, the Google Maps Project.

What does the project entail?
Essentially, I'm going around South Florida and snapping photos of businesses. I then upload them to Google Maps and everyone benefits from higher-quality photos on Google Maps, instead of the standard Cell Phone photos that people frequently upload. This helps visitors get a better understanding of how the business looks and it gives businesses a better opportunity to capture local traffic, since the quality of photos could help them out.

What was the inspiration?
I use Google Maps every time I travel. I started noticing that it's sometimes difficult for me to understand a location, based on user photos. I often find myself searching the Street View to figure out what the building looks like and how the parking is. I'm an anxious driver, so this type of information is vital to me keeping my cool. If I get lost when I'm looking for a place, I just won't go. I know that I'm not the only one like this, so it's possible that people are missing out on opportunities and businesses are losing out on foot traffic.

How does it work?
In order for this to be successful, it's easier for me to work with the business, instead of just showing up and taking photos of whatever I deem to be important. The business may have different locations, which they want to showcase. If a business reaches out to me, we'll have a short conversation regarding the business overall, what they would like to showcase on their Google Maps page and discuss potential shots that they would want to obtain. We'll then schedule a time for me to show up and I'll work my magic.

How many photos will be taken?
Honestly, I'll probably take several dozen, but Google Maps has a limit of 14 per user.  So I can only upload 14 to the site.  If you have additional that you would like to upload with your own Google account, you're more than welcome to!

Can I have a copy of the photos?
I don't see why not!  Please keep in mind that my watermark will be on all photos and I'll respectfully ask that you not crop it out or remove it.

Is this just for photos?
Yes and no. I want to take the photos for the business, but if they need help with claiming and setting up their presence on Google Maps, I'm more than happy to assist. I'm a software developer by trade, with experience in online marketing, so this type of thing is what I have done in the past. To a certain extent, of course.

Who is eligible?
I currently live in Sunrise, FL, so this is really meant for the South Florida area. Your business must be one, where you have people who visit. I'd prefer not to do product shots for online stores.

What have you shot, so far?
I'll make sure to keep my website updated with my current work for this project:…

What's the cost?
This is free. It's my way of giving back to the community, which I've grown up in. If you want to feed me as a thank-you, I'll never decline. I see Cherry Coke as a currency ;) However, there really isn't any cost associated with it. I just want to get out there and get South Florida on Google Maps.

How can I sign my business up?
Contact me directly via the contact form on my website:
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