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I'm a realist.  I know that I'm not going to win many (if any) awards for my photography.  However, I'm still confident in my work.  When I take my camera out and start to frame a photo, I know that I'm going to make magic, whether others see it or not.

My statement above is pretty much how I feel every artist should feel: Self-aware, humbled and confident.  We all start somewhere and we all are heading in our own direction.  Would I classify myself as an artist?  Well, that's a blurry line because I'm more of a hobbyist than anything.  Would I love to do things professionally?  Would I love to sell some of my work?  Would I love to have my work recognized?  To answer a series of questions with a question: Who wouldn't?

I think it's important to experiment.  I primarily use dA to search for photographers, but there are times when I want to see other forms of art.  I've noticed that some of the best artists have periods where most of their work looks the same, then they move on to another experiment.  I'm pretty much the same way, so it makes me happy to know that I'm on the right track.

What am I talking about?

Well, let's use photography as an example.  You may stumble across a photographer who has 5 cat photos in a row, followed by 6 buildings and then they focus on nature shots for a few months.  This is amazing.  This shows that they're still discovering themselves.

I tend to have sprints where I'm experimenting with a certain subjects
Note my "Cat Nap" gallery:…

Other times, I'm experimenting with a new lens.
Such as the following experiments with my Sigma:
Napping Clark - After the Nap by Mimek
Napping Clark by Mimek
Dabuddyface by Mimek

Maybe I'm on vacation and just want to share what I saw:
Note my "Caribbean Honeymoon" gallery:…

Sometimes, I'm just flat-out experimenting with things I saw others do.
Such as my attempt at catching a sunrise:
Sunrise Canal by Mimek

My whole point is that we're all attempting to find ourselves and discover that inner artist.  Some people hone in on a certain style and they master it to the point that it's all they want to do.  As for me, I enjoy diversity.  I believe my inner artist is just a curious guy, who's out there with a camera and no clue what he's going to shoot next.

My question for anyone reading this: What drives you to discover your inner artist?

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