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We've all done that thing before. "Ew, you like Twilight? Ew, you watch yaoi? Ew, you like Justin Beiber? Ew, you like the color brown?"

That's cool and all, you don't have to like things that others don't. But people have no right to blatantly insult someone because of something they enjoy. Just because you don't like something doesn't mean that someone is wrong for disagreeing with you.

Sorry for mini-rant. Can't have enough of these stamps on DA

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This is why I prefer to defend myself, because people trash me for not liking their stuff despite liking some of their stuff.
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If its not worthy of respect than i shall not.
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You hit the nail on the head. :)
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If I insult a person for their opinion, it's usually in a joking matter because I'm a terrible person ;3
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Do you mind if I use this stamp?
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In every fandom I've been in, I've always been bashed just because I ship/like things that people don't ship/hate.…
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Exactly my dear.......
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Nobody has to respect your opinion. They just have to accept that you have one.
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hey the color brown didnt do anything to you
nah im jk
this is very true :thumbsup:
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I don't really like that people are always bashing me for liking alot of the things I do when i've never out rightly said that I dislike a certain fandom
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Some opinions don't deserve respect, though.
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Well, some opinions approve of hurting people unfairly.
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And is it not your opinion that those people shouldn't be hurt? Everyone has their reasons for each opinion they have. Yes, some include things morally wrong, but bashing them for their that makes them able to bash you for your opinion, and even so, they should be able to think what they want to think (and shouldn't be anyone else's business unless they actually act on that certain opinion). After all, freedom is what humans want most (or at least, that's what I would expect), and a freedom to have any kind of opinion is all the same.
Now, if someone were to treat an opinion like that as a fact, then that's something to worry about.
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Yes, people can have the opinion they want. But others don't have to respect them and that's part of that freedom.

I'm not saying people should be hurt or harassed by such opinions, either.
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Of course people have the freedom to not respect an opinion. But the whole point is to direct people into respecting others' opinions, rather than bashing them for it and not having a calm discussion about things.
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Faving. Being quite tolerate (I think...) towards others, I don't understand that some people don't give me right to do as I please, just because they find it weird or can't understand how it can interest me.
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Thank you so much for this stamp! Recently I commented on an ex-gay support stamp asking the maker to explain exactly how one could be ex-gay and she did. I told her that whilst I didn't agree with her views, I respected them none the less, and she thanked me and said it was refreshing to have a civil conversation with someone of opposing views for once, and it's so true!
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I agree with this stamp. I got in a conflict with some guy on this site over differing opinions. He completely trashed my opinion and acted like his was the only right one and twisted my words around. I was willing to respect his opinion.
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"I respect your opinion, I just think it's stupid" - quote from someone I don't remember lulz
Chelsea-Cat's avatar
I wish some persons could learn something with this stamp!
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