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I'm going to be posting more design-type stuff here! Usually I just think of drawing stuff when posting online outside of my actual (needs-to-be-updated-badly) portfolio. Of course, I don't want to give the impression that that's all I do (especially since I'm doing design stuff more often).

Cases in point: MTAC Devil's Dozen Website by miluette Geek Media Expo Vol. 5 Website by miluette

See also!:

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I manage the Webcomics Tarot Project! It's a themed art gallery for webcomic creators, by webcomic creators! And it's super-fun!

It recently opened up to more people, so if you're interested, please send in an application! But there are some rules -- and this time around I am enforcing a greater degree of scrutiny than previously -- so I'd recommend giving those and the FAQs a good once-over.

Today, the project updated with The Sun from Crazy Sunshine. I'm looking forward to what else comes our way!

And if you're interested, there's also a Facebook page!…
And a Twitter page!

Please check things out! :heart:
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"Crying" is on Threadless's scoreboard!

Crying by miluette
Here's the demo I uploaded here!

Crying - Threadless T-shirts, Nude No More
And here's the link for scoring!

It's going to be up for a week of scoring! Please score it as you like! (If "as you like" is 5, with a little $ notification on the side :D) Comment, too, if you're keen on it. I sure would appreciate it! :heart:
I moved here from senshuu! At some point, one must shed a not-well-thought-out, 14-year-old name. Really, that's the only reason I started a new account, but this fresh start business really does feel good!

Feel free to call me "Milu"!

I'll be posting more later. Gotta round this place out. I've got an ID to finish. Also, I may be posting something else rather interesting later tonight, so...look out!

I'll be using :iconai-creative: more, too, so there's that. Got a texture pack going now on my portfolio, but I also uploaded it to that group, so check it out: Texture Pack No. 1: Mixed Nuts by miluette

(Fun facts: "Ai" was the name of my company/portfolio, but I changed it to "The Asterism" a few months ago. More fun facts: the state of Tennessee doesn't require a DBA license, so changing names was a snap!)