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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United Kingdom
Web developer, with a love of drawing. I've moved into the furry space of late, and i'm enjoying creating my own original art!

I'm currently using a Wacom Intuos Pro Medium, and Clip Studio Paint.
CommissionSheet by Miltonholmes

What will I draw?

I don't want to over-promise, so i'd be more comfortable drawing single characters with relatively simple backgrounds.
What type of characters, this type:

- Original characters ( I won't be picky, like I have been with requests )
- Characters in pop culture (games and movies)
- Furries or people - take a look at my gallery for examples of what I normally draw - I can work outside my comfort zone, but please allow for me to do some learning
- Clothed or tasteful nudity. Mildly suggestive poses. (Nothing proper NSFW, no kinky stuff either)

When I say "simple background" I mean a nice gradient (Cheery Krystal) or a simple/blurry scene (Eevee the Pokemon Trainer or Milton Holmes - Profile 2018)
If you're looking for a more intense background / foreground ( like Not a Morning Person ) we can negotiate. 

Please provide as much detail in the design as possible.

How much will I charge?
(All prices in USD)
You can get an idea in the image above, but if you prefer hard text - here you go! I've also included price for additional characters.

For partial characters (portraits, and other poses that don't include all four limbs):

Rough sketch: $10  (e.g. Fay | Rough ) 
    additional characters $5 each
Lineart and flat colours: $25 (e.g. FayFlatColours ) 
    additional characters $15 each
Full colour: $40 (e.g. Star Fox 2: FayMystical Kitsune )   
    additional characters $20 each

For full characters (the whole body in frame):

Rough sketch: $15 ( e.g. Silver Sable X Krystal | Rough,  Eevee the Pokemon Trainer | Rough )
    additional characters $5 each
Lineart and flat colours: $30 (e.g. SekhmetFlatColours - couldn't stick her in the image because it'd break the patten ) 
    additional characters: $15 each
Full colour: $50 ( e.g. Silver Sable X Krystal ) 
    additional characters: $25 each

How's this going to work?

Please send me a Note, or email me at 

Once i've got an idea of what you're after, I'll draw a super rough sketch ( like ClassicKrystalSuperRough ) and we'll nail down the specification. Once we're both happy that I can deliver, I'll take payment via my Paypal account. Then i'll get to work.

Expect updates at Rough Sketch, Lineart and Flat Colours, but i'll be contactable throughout.

I'll normally take about a week to finish a full colour drawing (barring events like going home to see the fam)

Sound good? Hit me up!

I'll list who i'm doing commissions for on my profile (If anyone's actually taken me up on one)


Cynthia Lucario | Rough
I wanted to draw another Poké-person, after Eeevee (Eevee the Pokemon Trainer) and while canvassing for trainer outfits to copy, I noticed that Cynthia shared a lot with Lucario in terms of design.

So Cynthia Lucario is happening. I don't know what the justification is, maybe a Pokéball malfunctioned. She's digging it. 
Also, please don't ask why her boobs are noticeably bigger now. I have no answer.
Krystal X Shantae
Since I drew Shantae trying out Krystal's outfit, I figured it'd only be fair to try Krystal out in Shantae's duds.

Super enjoyed drawing Krystal in Shantae's art style, I think it really suits her. The scene isn't too exciting, she's just having a dance in Tassel Town.

The other drawing in this series:
  Shantae X Krystal by Miltonholmes 

My other Krystal drawings (they're really adding up)
Star Fox 2: Krystal by Miltonholmes  Silver Sable X Krystal by Miltonholmes  E3 Hype: Star Fox by Miltonholmes  Cheery Krystal by Miltonholmes 
Krystal X Shantae | Rough
Rough sketch of the counterpart to my Shantae X Krystal drawing (below)
Shantae X Krystal by Miltonholmes 

Drawing Krystal in Shantae's style is turning out to be super fun  
KrystalShantaeUltraRough by MiltonholmesWorking on a Krystal / Shantae crossover (you know, to go with the Shantae / Krystal crossover) and already i'm in love with her.
I really hope I can translate Krystal to full-shantae artstyle successfully.

Where else can you see me on the internet?

I have a Tumblr:…

I'm on Reddit:…
I'll mostly post my drawings there, but there's other stuff too.


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