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Hey guys! I have a new idea for a story series that I think is really cool. It involves Milo and his adventures, either alone or with friends. What do you think?
Hey guys, I have a kind of... personal thought to share with you.

So I was thinking back to some of the earlier moments of my life, and I remembered being bullied in 3rd through 5th grade in school. That experience really made me who I am today. Back then, I was REALLY shy and I barely spoke. But throughout life, I became more social.

And then I got to thinking about my character, Milo. He was shy and bullied, as well, and didn't talk much. But then he met Rosie, who really changed his life and made him more social. Thinking back to myself, I had a couple people who made me become more outspoken.

And then, that's when it hit me: Me and Milo are the SAME person! We both had no friends in our past, and we were both shy and bullied. But as we spent our time with caring people, we became a whole new person. I realized that Milo is basically me, but in fiction form.

That's all I wanted to say, and honestly...knowing that Milo is me on a makes me happy. Sure, he may not be real,, he's more than just my OC to me. I have a stronger, emotional attachment to him like never before.

And that's as real as it can be.
Hey guys! I've got another idea for a Sonic OC. But it's not what you may expect.

So those of you that have played Sonic Adventure probably remember that there was a robot named E-102 Gamma that you can play as. Gamma was created by Eggman, but after he learned about the value of friendship from Amy, who was held prisoner aboard the Egg Carrier, Gamma turned against Eggman, let Amy out of her cell, and he released his other fellow robots from Eggman's control. I thought about making a robot like Gamma who turns against Eggman as well. But I want your opinion. Should I go for it?
I was tagged by :iconblazemacska: to do this, we go!

1. What are you passionate about? 

I feel passionate that some day, the world can just live in peace. ^^

2. Is there an animal you hate with all of your heart? 

Snakes. I am deathly afraid of snakes. Where I live, they're very common. ×_×

3. What is your fauvorite kind of food?

I am a HUGE pizza addict. If I so much as hear the word pizza, my mouth gets watery. ^_^

4. If you were born as an animal, which one do you think you would be? 

Ironically, if I was an animal, I'd think I'd be a fox, mostly because my OC, Milo, is a fox. I always seem to share some common traits with real world foxes.

5. What do you think a game's story would be if you were the protagonist?

Not really sure. I'd know it'd have action and adventure though. ^^
6. What tradition of your country do you hate? 

I don't hate any traditions. They're all meaningful in some way.

7. Do you have a senpai (I know it's originally means: upperclassman, but I mean somebody who you adore)? 

No, not really.

8. Is there a country you rather be living in? If yes, why? 

Nope! I'm happy right here in the U.S.

9. What makes you triggered?

Well, it takes a lot to push my buttons, but something that really gets me mad is when I see people getting bullied, in both real life and online. No one deserves that. At all. >_<
10. Do you have an unique curse word?

Actually, yes. When I do something the wrong way, I usually say something like "Aw, fudge!" I'm actually thinking about doing the same thing to Milo.
11. If your soul would have a colour, which colour you think it would be?

Probably blue. I'm a kind person.

12. Who was your first ever OC/FC?

My first OC was Milo.

13. Fauvorite Disney character?

Good question. I'd probably have to say Wreck-It-Ralph. I mean, I like video games, and the movie Wreck-It-Ralph takes place in a multi-game universe. ^^

My Questions:

Favorite color?

Favorite movie?

Favorite video game?

Favorite fandom?

What are your dreams?

What do you like the most?

What do you hate the most?

I nominate: All my watchers! ^0^
Hey everyone. So, as it may suggest on the title, I found something on Deviantart that made me feel really disturbed.

So, a few days ago, I was surfing around on Deviantart, looking at drawings and whatnot, when I stumbled across a drawing of Sonic the Hedgehog- in a diaper. You can probably imagine how this made me feel. I decided to snoop around a little more, and then I found something else that made me feel uncomfortable. I found an entire COMMUNITY on Deviantart that was dedicated to drawing Sonic characters in diapers. Every single drawing I saw, had a Sonic character in a diaper.

I just wanted to bring this to your attention, because this made me really disturbed. As a Sonic fan, this really ruins part of my feelings for the franchise. :(
I was just curious about this, but is anyone excited about Sonic Mania and Sonic Forces? They look like they'll be pretty cool! ^^
I just wanted to let everyone know that if any of you ever want to roleplay with me, just ask. I'm mostly available on the weekends, but I may not be around much on weekdays, especially since I have final exams coming up at school. Here are a few requests I have, though.

1. First of all, don't tag me into a roleplay without my knowledge. I want to know beforehand if you want to RP.

2. I only do roleplays in the Sonic the Hedgehog universe.

3. Please, please, PLEASE don't godmod. This ruins the entire roleplay.

That's really it! Of course, the character I use in roleplay is mine, Milo the Fox. It also save me some trouble if you have a look at his profile before starting an RP with me. ^^
Hey guys, is there anyone that's willing to do any commissions? I had a picture in my head of Milo wearing his blue martial arts gi, but I don't think I'd have the skill to do a drawing of Milo wearing clothing.
Hey guys! So I'm been thinking about how Milo would sound like, and I figured I should probably start looking through voice actors. Not only that, but I'd need someone in about the 11-14 age range. Of course, so far I haven't had any luck, otherwise I wouldn't even post this. If anyone knows any good voices actors, please list them below in the comments for me. Thanks!
This is for those wondering what Milo was like. And if you watch/follow RosieTheEchidna, you're in for a surprise. ^^

~Basic Info~


Little Bro (by Rosie​​​​)
Scaredy-Fox (by most of his bullies)
Milo the Fox


Mobian Fox



Fur Color:

Eye Color:


Milo's attire varies based on the current season. His general clothing is white gloves with small green wristbands, a watch, which he wears on his left arm, and light blue strap-on sneakers.

Lawful Good



Milo is a shy fox who is nervous around people he hasn't met. Due to him being bullied about his cowardness and fear of water, he used to try to separate himself from the outside world. However, after hanging around with Rosie​​​​, he is slightly more open to other people, especially his friends.

Despite being a shy individual around other people, Milo is a gentle, caring soul who doesn't think twice about helping others, especially his friends. He is generally a quiet person, but will voice his opinion about something if he feels it is necessary.

Milo tends to be clumsy when he is trying to do something he doesn't know how to do. He can also be this way when he is nervous.

Unknown mom and dad (both robotisized)
Rosie the Echidna (adoptive sister)

Sonic the Hedgehog
Miles 'Tails' Prower
Knuckles the Echidna
Rosie the Echidna​​​​ (Adoptive Sister)
Vanill Acorn the Squirrel


Love Interest:
Milla Basset: Milo has a crush on Milla Basset, but hasn't admitted it to anyone yet. They met when Rosie organized for them to train together. Ever since, Milo has been trying to work up the courage to tell her his feelings.


Milo is an anthropomorphic gray fox who was born and raised in Mobius. Throughout his childhood, he was the subject of a lot of bullying because he was scared of water and was very shy. It became so apparent that he didn't even want to go outside anymore. But one fateful day, when Milo ran away from someone he was struggling to converse with, he was followed by a shadow in the trees. As he hid in an alleyway, Milo heard a voice, telling him that he didn't have to be scared. At that moment, an amazing female echinda named Roselia Shaolin appeared before him. They conversed with each other, and eventually became friends. However, the happiness wouldn't last...

On one night, as Milo was walking home, he was shocked to see police cars outside his house. Then, when he asked an officer what happened, his worst possible thought became a reality: his parents were captured and robotisized by Dr. Eggman. As Milo collapsed, filled with sadness and tears, and thinking that all hope was lost, Rosie once again appeared, and immediately took him under her wing.

From that night forward, Milo lived at Rosie's dugout home with her, but was still filled with the grief of his parents being gone. However, Rosie started to become more than a friend to Milo. That was proven when she defended him against a group of bullies. Eventually, after spending a lot of time and getting to know one another, they became closer. One Christmas, Rosie adopted Milo as a little brother, and they now live together in happiness.

Through his time with Rosie, he eventually met Sonic the Hedgehog, Miles "Tails" Prower, and Knuckles the Echidna, who he knew from their actions in saving the world. Milo promised to himself that he would try hard to impress them.

~Character Traits~

Building things
His friends
His tail
Cherry or blueberry pie

Spooky places
Being bullied
Feeling like he's useless, unimportant and/or not noticed

Favorite Food:
Cherry or Blueberry Pie


Quick Step- Milo can quickly dash forward, backward, left or right with this ability.

Tail Whip: Milo whacks an enemy with his tail.

Double Jump: Milo can spin himself up into the air for more air time.

Aura Shield: Milo forms a shield of aura in his hands to protect himself.

Aura Ball: Milo forms a ball of aura and tosses it at his enemy for medium damage.

Aura Punch: Milo's hand glows blue as he punches his opponent, dealing good damage.


Agility: Like most foxes, Milo is somewhat agile. He has good balance and can jump medium distances. He is also light on his feet, allowing him to make minimal noise when walking.

Milo's Tail: Milo has a big, fluffy tail on his backside. He uses it for a variety of things, such as displaying his emotions, wrapping it around himself or others for warmth, and using it to grab objects if his hands are full. He also uses his tail to attack enemies by whacking them with speed and power.

Technological Knowledge: Milo is very good with technology, such as knowing how to destroy viruses and Trojans, and repairing computers.


Little Fighting Experience: Milo has little to no fighting experience, causing him to be easily defeated by his attackers. When faced with a fight he has little chance of winning, he will often run away or look to his allies to fight instead. However, he is learning more skills with the help of Rosie, his sensei.

Other Families: One of Milo's notable emotional weaknesses is seeing other families spending time with each other. Whenever he sees this, it makes him think about his old family, and it can cause him to get very upset and go into deep depression.

Notable Relationships:

Rosie the Echidna​​​​- Rosie and Milo have had a strong bond ever since they met when Milo ran away from someone he was struggling to talk to. When Milo's parents were robotisized by Eggman, Rosie stepped in and took him under her wing. Eventually, as they spent time together, they started to become closer. That bond would be sealed when one day, Rosie asked Milo how he felt if she actually adopted him. Milo burst into tears and said he would be very happy. Thus, ever since, Milo and Rosie have happily lived as little brother and big sister.

Vanill the Squirrel: Milo and Vanill met through mutual relations with Rosie. They were surprised to have the same sensei, and became good friends. Occasionally, they have a friendly spar.

Sonic the Hedgehog: Milo had always wanted to be like Sonic: unafraid, and confident. However,  he didn't think he would ever meet the blue hedgehog in person. They met through friendship with Rosie.