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The Hidden Truth
                         The Hidden Truth
                                    Part 1
              [The Mystic Ruins, 8:30 at night]
It was another quiet night in the Mystic Ruins again. Stars shone in the sky, twinkling brightly. Crickets chirped throughout the trees. The small lake nearby made a gentle flowing sound as the water threaded through the jungle. The light of a dugout house shone from a hill. Not too far from this house, a gray fox was meditating near the river bank, eyes closed with a calm demeanor. The fox wore a white martial arts headband around his head, along with a green t-shirt on his torso. The fox was barefoot
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Milo, Sonic Forces by MiloTheFox01 Milo, Sonic Forces :iconmilothefox01:MiloTheFox01 2 0 Milo, the Shinobi of the Wind! by MiloTheFox01 Milo, the Shinobi of the Wind! :iconmilothefox01:MiloTheFox01 2 2 Milo Shaolin, Chao Style! by MiloTheFox01 Milo Shaolin, Chao Style! :iconmilothefox01:MiloTheFox01 1 0 Auali'i the Raccoon by MiloTheFox01 Auali'i the Raccoon :iconmilothefox01:MiloTheFox01 0 7 Mystery Character...??? by MiloTheFox01 Mystery Character...??? :iconmilothefox01:MiloTheFox01 1 3
The Journal of Milo Shaolin: Entry 2
Entry 2
Hey! I'm back again. I finally had the time to get my journal out and make another entry in it.
You know, I'm starting to wonder if I should tell Rosie about my journal. But then again, journals are for personal thoughts.
So anyway, today I was sitting near the river, and I got to thinking about my past. What my life was like before Rosie and I crossed paths. It's...hard to talk about my mom and dad after they disappeared, but somehow, I just manage to get through it.
Back then, when I was first born, my family was happy. I had grandparents, aunts, uncles and whatnot. But...for some reason, as I got older, they started to just...get angry at each other. Eventually, my family split and went different ways.
But...why? Why would they just start fighting out of the blue? Before I came into the world, my family didn't have any problems. But as soon as I came along, it started. Now I wonder...could I have been the reason? I'll probably never know...
But I had plenty of happy memories
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The Journal of Milo Shaolin: Entry 1
~Entry 1~
Whew. should I start this...?
Well, uh, hello. My name is Milo Shaolin. I'm an 11 year-old male fox. I got this journal not too long ago. I just felt like I needed something to collect my thoughts. So anyways, I live with my big sister, Rosie. She's an echidna. I know, I know, it sounds kinda weird, how a echidna and fox can be siblings, but I'll get to that soon.
Now I want to tell you a little bit about Rosie. She's 16 years old, and she's a martial artist. I can't remember what she normally practices, though, um...Taekwondo, I think it's called? But honestly, I...I can't say enough nice things about her. She's kind, fun, and really energetic. I'm honestly surprised I can even catch her sometimes, heh heh!
I met Rosie about maybe...10 months ago, when my parents were still alive. That day, I was being usual. My bullies were Markus the Fox, Connor the Walrus, and Lukas the Hedgehog. Markus was the leader, I guess. Anyways, once again, I wandered into th
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It's Beach Time! by MiloTheFox01 It's Beach Time! :iconmilothefox01:MiloTheFox01 1 1 Milo the Fox (Full-Body) by MiloTheFox01 Milo the Fox (Full-Body) :iconmilothefox01:MiloTheFox01 2 2 Milo the Fox (Facial drawing) by MiloTheFox01 Milo the Fox (Facial drawing) :iconmilothefox01:MiloTheFox01 2 0


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                         The Hidden Truth

                                    Part 1

              [The Mystic Ruins, 8:30 at night]

It was another quiet night in the Mystic Ruins again. Stars shone in the sky, twinkling brightly. Crickets chirped throughout the trees. The small lake nearby made a gentle flowing sound as the water threaded through the jungle. The light of a dugout house shone from a hill. Not too far from this house, a gray fox was meditating near the river bank, eyes closed with a calm demeanor. The fox wore a white martial arts headband around his head, along with a green t-shirt on his torso. The fox was barefooted right now due to the fact that this night was warm and the dirt on the hiking paths were soft. This fox was none other than our protagonist, Milo Roragen Shaolin. He was meditating on this night to try and bring a spirit that was following him around Mobius. So he sat at the river, criss crossed, and eyes closed. Concentrating to calm his mind.

"You are one with the wind..."

Milo spoke, as a steady wind blew around him. His hair blew to the side as he spoke again.

"Bring the spirit that is following me around. I have questions that need answers."

The wind blew harder for a minute,  then seized, fading away into the trees. Milo sighed, and stood up. He looked down at the river, where his moonlit reflection looked back up at him.

"Who is that spirit? What does it want?"

He shook his head and kept looking down at his reflection in the water. He smiled at himself. He'd come a long way ever since that fateful day he met Rosie, his adoptive older sister. Rosie took him in when his parents were taken, and taught him in martial arts. Now, today, there was only a fragment of his former shy, antisocial self. As he kept looking at himself, he saw something out of the corner of his eye...someone else was facing towards him. Their reflection in the water showed the entity looking at Milo. He turned to his right, and gasped. It was the spirit. It was made of wind, body, head and everything. It took on the form of a fox, oddly, for Milo was a fox too. Milo and the spirit began walking to each other, until they were about 2 feet away from each other. Milo noticed that the spirit was about a head and chest taller than him. He looked up at its face, where he saw whiskers, but no eyes.

"Who are you? What do you need me for?" Milo asked, slightly on edge. The spirit didn't respond, but instead held out a hand, as if it wanted Milo to hold it. Milo looked at the hand for a second, then slowly took hold of it. A white light erupted from between them, engulfing Milo.


_An unknown amount of time later, Milo opened his eyes to find himself...floating. In a light blue void.

"Huh...? Whoa...Where am I?"

He looked around. There was nothing but a light blue void. Nothing seemed to appear...until a few wisps appeared, flying past him. They twisted around and around, and a scenery began to form. had blue grass. That was exclusive to the Hidden Emerald Dimension, Rosie's homeworld. Eventually the scenery finished forming, and a jitaku, a Japanese style of house, was seen, looming over the blue grass. Milo landed on the ground with a soft pat, and slowly walked to the house. With a deep breath, he opened the door. Inside, it looked like the main room; there was a dinner table with two cushions, a bookcase full of books, and three more doors that led to other rooms. Milo looked at the top right corner, and gasped. He saw his parents. His father, with gray fur, and his mom, with orange fur. His mom laid her head on his dad's shoulder and slept, while his dad watched over her peacefully. They both sat on a couch. Milo's eyes began to tear up, and his mouth quivered. This was the first time he had seen his parents ever since the day they disappeared.

"M...Mom? D-Dad?" Milo shakily said, tears flowing out of his eyes. There was no reaction from the two parents, though, as if they couldn't hear him. He looked down at himself and saw that his body was now ghost-like. He was barely see-through. He was in spiritual form, sifting through memories. Milo looked back up and noticed his mom had awoken and had a glow around her. His dad woke up and held her.

"Kate? Are you alright?" his dad asked her.

"Mmph...I don't know..."

_After a few more moments, an orb formed out of the energy from Milo's mom. The orb floated between the two parents, and formed into...a small baby fox. It was wrapped in a blanket and slept soundly. Milo's mom and dad gasped, and held the child tightly. His mom began tearing up and hugged his dad. Milo walked closer to the three of them, and looked down at the baby.

"Is...Is that...Me?" Milo asked, his eyes widened. The baby opened its eyes for a moment, and Milo saw that it had orange eyes, like him. It WAS him! "It...It is. That's me. But...I was born from an orb?" Milo questioned this as his parents spoke once again.

"What should we call him?" Milo's mom asked. His dad thought for a moment.

"...Milo." _ His dad rubbed his newborn son's head._ "I have a feeling he'll be great someday."

As the two embraced once again, Milo couldn't help but smile as tears continued flowing out of his eyes. Then, the scene began to morph into another. Milo's mom, dad, and his baby self faded away, as the new scene created itself. Now, Milo was in a room with stone walls, and a table in the center. Three chairs were on one side, and one was on the other, and Milo's dad was sitting in this chair. Except he was now wearing a gray ninja garb, with a few pieces of sewn leather over the arms and legs, which served as extra armor.

"Huh? Why is Dad wearing a ninja garb?" Milo asked himself again, questioning this strangeness. A door into the room opened, and three other Mobians walked in: a minx, a wolf, and a bear.

“Jacob, we have a problem," the minx said.

“What? What is it?” Milo's dad said, standing up. The minx handed him a piece of paper. The paper had a drawing of a sword below 3 stars, with the words, “The light cannot last forever.” His dad got a serious look as well.

“It's a warning,” said the bear. “From the Shadow Blades.”

“They're threatening to track us down and kill us,” the wolf added.

“Hmph. The Shadow Blades are heavily disorganised. This is nothing but a blind threat,” Milo's dad said, crossing his arms.

“With all due respect, Jacob,” the bear begins to say, “we can't take risks. We need to go into hiding.”

“No. We can't. People need us!” Milo's dad objected, shaking his head.

“We can't risk it, Jacob, and neither can you,” the minx says. “You have a family, Jacob. Do you really want to risk their lives?”

Milo's father looked down, as he put his hands on the table. The minx continued speaking.

“Kate needs her husband. And Milo needs his father.”

Milo's dad didn't look up. He lowered his eyelids slightly. The 3 ninjas walked out of the room, leaving Jacob alone. Milo watched the 3 ninjas leave, then he looked back at his father.

"Dad was the leader of a ninja clan? This doesn't make sense. None of this does..."

Another scene began to form itself, and Milo now found himself in a forest. The grass was still blue and trees with oddly-colored leaves surrounded him. The area was in the dark of night.

"I'm still in the Hidden Emerald Dimension..." Milo says, still bewildered by everything. His thought was cut short when he saw his parents running in the distance.

"Mom! Dad! Where are they going?" Milo followed behind them, and they eventually stopped in a clearing. Milo's father sat a bag of supplies down on the ground while his mother held an infant Milo.

"Give me a moment," Milo's dad says, as he knelt down and began saying a prayer in Japanese. Afterwards, the infant Milo began crying. His mom comforted him with soft words.

"Don't cry, Milo," his mother said to him, with a smile. "Everything will be alright. Me and Daddy will be with you always."

Milo stopped crying, and simply looked up at his mom with a stare. Just then, a portal to Mobius opened in front of the family of foxes. Milo's father stepped back to his feet and put an arm around Milo's mom.

"Here we are. Are you ready?"

Milo's mom nodded, and the foxes walked into the portal. It vanished afterwards. Milo stood in the darkness of the forest, having watched the scene.

"I don't get it. Why is this in the Hidden Emerald Dimension? How is Dad a ninja? And why was I born from an orb? Argh, it doesn't make sense!"

In frustration, Milo smacked his fist on the ground. At that moment, the scene faded away and Milo was back in the light blue void. Milo was still knelt down on the ground when he heard:

"It will all make sense now, son."

"H-huh?" Milo turned around, and nearly fell back in shock. It was his parents. Both of them. His dad was wearing his ninja garb and his mom was wearing a velvet sage's robe. Both had smiles on their faces. Milo's eyes filled with tears again, but this time they were in shock over the real thing.

"M-Mom? D-Dad? it really you?" Milo shakily said, his mouth quivering as tears streamed down his face.

"Yes, Milo. It really is," his mother said, with a smile. She held her arms out for a hug. Milo couldn't hold it in anymore, and leapt into his mom's arms, tears streaming down his face as he cried. His dad joined in, hugging him from behind.

"Mom...Dad...I m-miss you guys s-so much..." Milo said in between tears.

"And we've missed you so much, Milo," his dad replied, still hugging him. "We've watched you from up here, and we're so proud of who you've become."

"Yes. Me and your father couldn't ask for anything more." his mother added, with a smile. Milo looked up at them with a smile, tears still streaming down his face.

"I...I don't understand though...The memories I saw...we were in the Hidden Emerald Dimension, and Dad, you were a ninja, and-"

"Slow down, son," Milo's dad said with a chuckle. "We'll explain everything." _He knelt down to Milo's height. "To and your mother aren't normal Mobians. We're Hidden Emerald Dimension Mobians."

"Wait, so...Does that mean I'm..." Milo began to say.

"Yes. You're an HED Mobian too," his mother replies, smiling.

"But why did you lie to me about it? You always said we were just normal Mobians."

"We didn't tell you the truth because if we did, we knew you'd want to go back, especially after everything you took from other kids," his dad said with a frown. "But the main reason was because...we were in danger."

"From who? Those Shadow Blades?"

"Yes," Milo's dad nods, "and the only way we could be safe was by going to Mobius...or so we thought."

"So...they were the ones who..." Milo said, getting choked up.

"Yes. When you left to go be with Rosie for the day, the Shadow Blades got into Mobius. They found us, know what happened afterwards."

Milo clenched his fist with anger. "I'll make them pay for this. It isn't fair."

"Easy, Milo," his mother says, holding his shoulders. "It'll come eventually. But you must be mastered in your wind attribute."

Milo nodded solemnly. "I know..."

"For now, son, keep training. I have no doubt you can be a great warrior. Just like me," Milo's father says, smiling.

"Ok. I will." Milo says, nodding with a smile. He hugged his parents one last time. "I'm glad I was able to see you guys again."

"And we're happy to see you too, Milo," his mother says, with a warm smile.

"We couldn't ask for a better son," Milo's dad smiles, putting his hands behind his back. "It's time for you to head back. But I do have one request. Go back to our home. There's something in the attic that I want you to have._*

"I will, Dad." Milo replies, nodding. He looks at his parents one last time. "I love you, Mom and Dad."

"We love you too, Milo. And remember...we'll always be with you." His mother says, folding her hands. Witn that, Milo's parents faded away, and a light engulfed Milo once again. It dispersed, and he was back in Mobius. Milo looks toward the sky, where two large stars shined brightly.

"I know what I need to do now."

Milo turned to the direction of the dugout home, and began running back.

                                 The End
The Hidden Truth
Milo discovers a secret hidden from him ever since he was born.
Milo, Sonic Forces
Now THIS is my best drawing yet! (Well, I said that in the last one, but whatevs!) This is artwork of Milo in Forces style. If he was in Forces, this would sum him up pretty well. ^^

"Time to take back my home!"
Hey guys! I have a new idea for a story series that I think is really cool. It involves Milo and his adventures, either alone or with friends. What do you think?
New Story Series Coming Soon!
Hey guys! I have a new idea for a story series that I think is really cool. It involves Milo and his adventures, either alone or with friends. What do you think?
Milo, the Shinobi of the Wind!
This has to be one of my best drawings yet! I finally decided to draw Milo as a ninja, and wearing his ninja garb! I think I did really well! I think I could improve on the garb a little though, because the scarf and other vanities aren't as noticeable... ^^;
Hey guys, I have a kind of... personal thought to share with you.

So I was thinking back to some of the earlier moments of my life, and I remembered being bullied in 3rd through 5th grade in school. That experience really made me who I am today. Back then, I was REALLY shy and I barely spoke. But throughout life, I became more social.

And then I got to thinking about my character, Milo. He was shy and bullied, as well, and didn't talk much. But then he met Rosie, who really changed his life and made him more social. Thinking back to myself, I had a couple people who made me become more outspoken.

And then, that's when it hit me: Me and Milo are the SAME person! We both had no friends in our past, and we were both shy and bullied. But as we spent our time with caring people, we became a whole new person. I realized that Milo is basically me, but in fiction form.

That's all I wanted to say, and honestly...knowing that Milo is me on a makes me happy. Sure, he may not be real,, he's more than just my OC to me. I have a stronger, emotional attachment to him like never before.

And that's as real as it can be.
Hey guys! I have a new idea for a story series that I think is really cool. It involves Milo and his adventures, either alone or with friends. What do you think?


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I am a HUGE fan of Sonic the Hedgehog, and often roleplay a lot in the series! My fan character is named Milo Shaolin the Fox. Online, I'm a nice, respectful person, and in real life, I'm the same way, but I'm someone with big goals!


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