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April 1, 2013
My pain by *MiloshJevremovic
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My pain

© Milosh Jevremovic 2014

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Hello there. How are you? This is my new work. I wanted to show my current emotional feeling. I invented a lot of time and effort to create it. Hope you love it. Milos

AVAILABLE FOR #bookcover 

My FB page…

fire texture……
hair and rest details painted

You walked away
Walked away and left me
Left me here to die
My heart burns
Burns for you
I rip out my burning
My burning heart
As you walk away
I lay here
I wait
I wait for you
For you to return
To return and take this
This burning heart of mine
I once say I love you
You walked away
Just to leave
Leave me with this pain
This pain I feel
I can know longer take
Come back
Come back to me my love
Come take my burning heart away
To love me the way I love you
Don't walk from the love we have (text by Cristina Vampangel)
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© 2013 - 2021 MiloshJevremovic
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:star::star::star::star::star-half: Overall
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First of all - I really like the choice of colors!
It all fits so well together and I can watch as carefully as I want, I can't see any mistake! When I first saw it I thought it was a movie poster or something - it could be one! This really inspires to make a movie!
And even though his expression looks so neutral, it says so much.
And I really love the way you drew the background with these incredible colors.
I can't say exactly why but this picture enchants me.

You made a really, REALLY good job here!!!
Keep up that good work!
MiloshJevremovic's avatar
Thank You so much for this wonderful critique! I realy appreciate your effort. Stay in peace, Milos
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And thank YOU so much for watching me!!! :huggle:
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What's the name of the song
MiloshJevremovic's avatar
The song was written to follow this artwork :)
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MiloshJevremovic's avatar
No, this is just an art.
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❤ Beautiful!!!! (>♡ω♡<) ❤
💕 What program do you use? 💕
MiloshJevremovic's avatar
Thank you. I use adobe photoshop :) Every version is good
What emotion. Congrats on your DD :)
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This is way better then my pixal art... 😘 welldone
adrianocadau's avatar
wow so great! congratulation
MiloshJevremovic's avatar
Thank you very much ;)
adrianocadau's avatar
you are welcome xd
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love the kind of emotion this art of yours brings to mind! the pain is almost tangible!
bravo! ~:heart::heart::heart:
MiloshJevremovic's avatar
Thank you very much. ;)
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Thank You very much ;)
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Imas fantasticno ideju,color,sjena ,i definacija je prva liga.Svaka ti cas
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