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Sci fi Texure pack 05

298 HD and Low rez Sci fi texure pack ! Star wars and other !

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© 2012 - 2021 Milosh--Andrich
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These are free textures that were edited me and sub created by me. The part used in SW are different textures, and are homebrew only. There are free for use under license :)

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Great post! Thank you!
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You are welcome :) 
Thank you. 
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BIG, BIG, HUGE THANKS !!! Soon, I'll show you what I do with all your Sci fi Packs !!!
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Thank you. I hope you put it in good use :) 
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Yes, off-course, I already make a sample, thanks!
This may be a noob question, but does anyone know how to download the images in HD?
Veru useful!! Thanks!
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kewl lookingt texturess.   Thanks
Hey Milosh, loving the textures. I'm thinking of using some on my game, with your consent, I will credit of course.
We have a beta version out now for android. there's a link on our Twitter litfuse_games
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Sure just remember to credit and if possible would like to see the game :)
Hi Milosh- were close to completing now, should i credit yourself as "Milosh Andrich" or is there another name you wish to be creditted by? The game is called Pipe Runner and we have Beta open on android through this link if you want a play IOS wont be ready for a few weeks at least… cheers
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Hey very nice to hear that ! Will love to give it a shot ! Sure Milosh Andrich is good. I have more material that  i will upload in the future. :) 
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Well first thanks for the art and I see your a military man. what is the name of your military? also gunna use the textures in my game and I need at least your full name and email for the credits. keep up the great work and saw you youtube sound effect page. lets just say devils child whispering made me have to change me undies. haha
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Thank you, well i use to work in the military, now i am a free man, working for USA NCR :) 

My Name is Milosh Andrich 

Ohh the creepy kid is something to listen when going to sleep :) 
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well I'm glad your free and I cant wait till I'm free too and thanks for the info I will post pics and you can check them out ill let you know.
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Thanks a lot for the nice textures you have, used some of them here:
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