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First of all, this piece is absolutely stunning. It has a wonderful overall dream like quality, without it being the classic floating island that is so commonly seen. Also, your composition is very well thought out and the placement of the buildings unifies the scene and allows the viewers eyes to easily flow around the image. You also managed to "extend" the road from it's original stock, which from experience I know can be a challenge, but you pulled it off seamlessly, clearly showing your impressive skill in photoshop.
Overall this is a very strong piece that you have brought to life with your obvious knowledge of composition, artistic elements and principals, and your attention to detail, such as adding the reflection of the bike and brightening up the lines on the road. I really love how this piece tells a story and makes the viewer wonder about this fantasy world you have created.

The only thing I would say could use a little bit of improvement would be the blending of the clouds and the road. You did an amazing job making the buildings look as if they were reaching through the clouds, but the road does look a little bit fake in some areas. (I can see how this would be difficult to do, though, so it was a fantastic effort.)

I'm looking forward to seeing more of your works and watching more of your speedarts, so keep it up!

(I don't usually do critiques so I hope you don't mind!)