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Bedroom on Chicago Hill

Programs Used: C4D & PS CS6


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That is a nice picture. Nice colours.

But there are some things that don't look quite right. I am by no means an all-knowing professional but maybe it helps.

The outside environment doesn't match with the perspective of the room and it would be much brighter outside. The window needs an actual window and it seems to be too high up. The textures on the carpet and the pillows look too big. The frame left to the bed doesn't seem to have a picture in it. The lamps seem to be on but they don't illuminate anything. And you could add a base board (do you call it that in english?). And maybe a little bit of dirt and dust would add a little more atmosphere to the image. Try adding some bump maps and some glossy reflections. Look at some reference pictures to "get" the look of things right. And try some colour correction in photoshop. Add a little depth of field, a vignette and some camera noise. Those little details add up at the end. It's those little imperfections that make a render more realistic.

I know it's hard to redo something for a finished picture, I don't like doing that myself. :) But maybe for your next interior rendering, work out the details, take your time with the picture and it will pay off at the end.
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Thanks for your advice. Although I noticed it all, but it was late being repaired :D
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awesome job! :)

And is C4D Photoshop too?

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Yes C4D and PS CS6
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Nice looking room and fabulous textures
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th15 15 v3ry g00d, can 1 hav3 th15 r00m l0lz
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Who would not want this room :D
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Well done, almost as real as the real thing!
Maybe it's only my personal taste but it seems a bit "flat" to me and the carpet appears a bit too blurred.
I know it's only a picture so take it as a first impression on an affordable monitor ;)
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You're right that I noticed, but it's late now being reformatory in the second picture: D
Texture is not the best aspect ratio and looks like a blur 
Thanks :D
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Whoa! I thought this was a photo at first. Nicely done! Very realistic. :)
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très réaliste joli travaille..
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you're welcome
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Looks really cozy, is it up for rent ;)  Excellent job buddy.
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the rental price is negotiable: D
Thanks Thanks 
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