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Just don't make a big deal out of it or anything.
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Needless to say, I don't really post stuff here on deviantart anymore. Anyone who remembers who I am should follow me over on tumblr. It's the newest hip thing. Everyone is doing it. 
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Don't mind me, this is just for a graphic design project. Don't ask.
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So, here's the deal, folks! I'm poor. It's an unfortunate side effect of being an art student.

I usually attempt to alleviate my crippling poorness by working over winter break, but that's not going to be possible this semester due to the fact that I'll be spending half of my break in Ohio with my girlfriend and half in Pennsylvania with my family. So, in the meantime, to tide me over, I'll be taking as many commissions as possible so I can at least pay for the gas I'll need to get from one place to the other.

For the rest of my break (that is until around the end of January) I'll be offering special holiday prices.

$5 for a black and white lineart drawing of your character
$10 for a colored drawing of your character
+$5 for extra characters.
+$5 for background

Generally I want to keep it simple like that, but if you want something more complex (detailed background, more characters, etc) we can definitely discuss pricing. If your interested, leave a comment, a private message, or an email, ( and I'll add you to my list. I'll start off with 20 slots and see how that goes. I can open up some more if more people are interested.

1. :iconwazaga: DONE
2. :iconmodesty: DONE
3. :iconthelaserhawk:
4. :iconkjanuary:
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Holy wow, I just realized that I've done 6 digital paintings in the last 6 days. That's just crazy-town.

I've had this real block when it comes to digital painting ever since I got my tablet 5-ish years ago. I've always wanted my digital paintings to look way more like traditional paintings than they do. Getting good results out of digital painting takes time, expertise, a bit of trial and error, and loads of patience, patience I have been lacking. Earlier in the semester I did a portrait of my tall dwarf, Ivan, which I was pretty happy with, but it took so much trial and error to get the photoshop brushes to do what I wanted, that it put me off from working on any more paintings for a bit. It took a lengthy slum of long-distance-relationship blues to inspire me to do my next painting, which was the portrait of my ladyfriend, :iconmegsyv:, that I posted last week. That one went quite a bit smoother than the Ivan portrait, and I was still feeling pretty bummed, so I did another portrait of Meg. I really liked the second one, firstly because it went pretty quickly compared to the first, and it came out looking much looser and more painterly, almost that digital-yet-traditional look that I've been chasing. Right on the tail end of this came an assignment at my internship to work on some environment concept designs. This led me to look up some speedpainting videos (which taught me a TON) and even though the two paintings I did for them were pretty loose and sketchy, it kind of broke through a lot of the nervousness I had about tackling scenery. Those kind of led right into those two improvement memes I just did, which really are the first time I've done anything complex in this style.

Where was I going with this? I'm not sure. I guess I'm just taking a really roundabout route of saying that I'm really giddily happy that I've finally started to get a hang of this whole digital painting biz, and am doing work that I'm actually pretty proud of with this method. I still have a ton of improving to do, but I'm still in a really good mood about this.     

Oh, and Wreck-it Ralph was really cute. You should all go to see it.
I've been a DeviantArt member for almost 6 years now. That's a pretty long time, especially on the internet where time moves a bit slower than in reality. I used to be very active, at least a lot more active than I am now. I remember times when I was posting new artwork multiple times a week, instead of once every couple months as is now the case.

If you can't tell already, this here journal is gonna be one o' them there nostalgic rambling type narratives.

Sites like DeviantArt and Drunkduck and Comicdish and Smackjeeves used to hold a very important place in my life. My internet life, anyway. I think it's important to make that distinction. For years, probably from the time I was 14 till the time I was 19, there was a pretty clear divide between the two. The internet was my escape. My real life wasn't terrible during my teenage years, far from it, but I was a socially awkward homeschooler with few friends, so the ease with which I could find people with common interests online was a welcome boon during my formative years.

This once so clear divide between my internet life and real life began to blur a bit after I got into college.  There were a variety of factors at play there. I was busy with school, so I didn't have as much time for the internet as I used to. I also began to break out of my socially awkward shell and make some real relationships with people, which as sad as it may sound, was a pretty huge step for me. Probably the biggest change was when I started turning a few of my "internet buddies" into real life friends. The kind of friends you call on the phone to catch up with as opposed to following on twitter or dA or whatever other thing. The most significant of these newfound relationships was that between myself and :iconmegsyv: , who I met several times in real life after being "internet buddies" for about four years.

Incidentally, this December we'll be celebrating our second anniversary since we started dating.

And I guess that's kind of the point I've been driving at with all this. I've been a bit of a ghost on the web recently. I materialize occasionally to haunt the places I once called home and then vanish without a trace again. Where I once was online for hours every day, posting and drawing, checking and rechecking my favorite sites and forums, now I hop online to browse a few webcomics every couple days, leave a few comments if I have time, and then go about my day. It's a world I'm not so much a part of anymore... but that's not really a bad thing. I've taken a lot of things that were important to me from those years and dragged them, kicking and screaming, with me into my current life.

The fact is, I'm really happy.

I'm going on about 2 years of being, on average, really happy, which is a bit of a switch for me. I have a great girlfriend, a great circle of friends, an above average GPA, a loving family, a pretty rad internship, (at least for the moment), and an optimistic outlook on life. I've been really radio silent here on the internet, but it's just because outside of it life is really great.

I forget where I was going with this.

I guess I'm just trying to make this transition more permanent. I'm not giving up on having a presence on the internet or anything. I'm not deleting my account. Honestly, I want to get back into this whole deviantart/webcomic/internet thing more than I have been. I just want to do that on my own terms. I'm not really the same person I was when I made this account 6 years ago. That person was "JiminycricketX", a 15 year old kid with a stupid screen name, an unquestioning devotion to Nintendo, and a bad habit of actually posting his opinion on the internet (bad move, rookie).

I'm not that person anymore.

I'm Milo Neuman, a 21 year old Traditional Animation student at Edinboro University of Pennsylvania. I've authored a few failed webcomics, and a few that haven't failed just yet. I'll keep on trying till something sticks. I sketch constantly, write occasionally, read when I can, play videogames more than I should, and I started trying to compose a song yesterday. We'll see how that goes. I'm obsessed with fairy tales, indifferent to politics, and entirely not a brony.

I'm hopelessly in love with Margaret Syverud.

I'm not quite as in love with but still a pretty big fan of all of my friends (all of you. No exceptions), and I'm in the midst of a tumultuous but refreshingly candid relationship with the almighty omnipresent entity most often referred to as "God". I go to bed early, wake up late, play classic rock and folk songs on my guitar and sing along really, really loudly when my roommates are out, and all around not to let life get me down.

And I keep letting this journal get away from me.

I guess my point with all this is that I'm sticking around but I'm scrapping a lot of stuff. Getting a fresh start, I suppose you could say. Like spring cleaning, just in case you're one of those kinds of people who can only understand a metaphor if it's written as a simile. I got rid of my doofy, copywrite infringing screen name for starters.  I also deleted all, and I mean ALL, of my journals from the last 6 years. They are gone. Kapoof. Like smoke. I'm not going to scrap all of my deviations, but I'm going to take down a lot of them too. IF I happen to have drawn you something in the past, get in my gallery and save yourself a copy now, because next week my whole gallery is getting a MAJOR cleanup. You've been warned.

I should probably follow this up with a vow to try to post stuff more often now that I'm rebooting my internet persona, but I'll have to limit to a "I'll try my darnedest". Life is still what it is, great but crazy with no end in sight, but I want to make an effort to crank out some good stuff to put up here. No promises though. Let's just see how things go.

That was quite a thing, wasn't it? Till next time.