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Avante Go

By Milomax27
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My second attempt. Will be making an altered version of this with a reverse slant soon! Inspired by the Avante Garde typestyle.

As always, see font file or included .txt file for licensing.
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great design !
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Awesome work on this font! I will most likely be using it for my podcast website in the near future.
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Glad you like it :)!
Thank you. Love it. I had been looking for a great 80's styled font & this fits the bill.
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Glad you like it!
I'm using this font and Avante Return for a logo for a potential Virtual Enterprise business in my school. If we end up using it, it'll go on the website (once we make it, that is) and I'll link to it here so you can see. I LOVE these fonts, you kick noses. You know, bad guys' noses. Into the dirt. You're a hero and stuff.
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:rofl: You're awesome!!! Glad you liked the fonts. Looking forward to seeing the final designs. Hope you get a good grade! :D
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nicel font man !
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You're Welcome! :D
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Keep in touch.
Very nice. Congrats
bimalizer's avatar heavy metal dude...
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Like I said before> i u for this. Instant fav
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this is my site's new logo,designed with your font!
thanks again!
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Looks great! Glad you like the font!
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I like it! thanks!
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