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Just how people make nice names or titles with meaning so easy, When i only can write a single word and after that i’m already dead asking what i'm even thinking of

That's story also about how i made my deviant name  telling myself pfff it's just for while i still won't be here that... far... yeah... yeah...   * and i actually regret now that i named like that xD  *

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I know the feeling about names.
I used my real name online for a while, then I realised what a stupid thing that was to do.
So, I was CleoCat for a while (named after my cat, most original name ever)
WillowWood Random words to make illiteration
GreenArrow (After an awful painting I did in MSPaint)
DraigCorch beacuse I'm welsh
DraigCorch1 because draigcorch was taken
Stettafire. The one I stuck with, not changing it because it has become too ingrained into my persona. The story behind that name might be one I share another time:)
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hahah that's cool, i think your usernames are pretty awesome even if it's named after cat. honestly i have a cat too and my username have a little meaning with word C as *C-ute* because my cat is always laying on table close to me when i'm sitting with my computer :happy: 
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That's like my dog, I sit oon a leather seat/ottoman thing when I'm on my computer beacuse I have no chair and my little dog sits beside me:)
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Haha i see :) that's cute :heart:
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My username used to be beautycrane11, which I use/used a lot when I was younger. I decided that it was too kiddish and wanted to change it, but none of the new names I thought of made me feel right... I wanted to connect it to the old username as well since it had a lot of memories in it. I played around with the old username and figured out that I could make BC-Rain, which was just another version of my old one but sounded much nicer :) 
//it can also be used as an acronym for "Because Creativity Reigns" ;w;
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Hahaha i see :giggle:  well i don't really think your old username sounds kiddish At least you have a meaning and story with your username and that's pretty great idea :) 
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You have a good name, no matter how odd it sounds. :)
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I hope soo, Thanks :) 
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*FEEL YA TOO* :iconslamheadplz: :iconyuicryplz:
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