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Status : OPEN Accepted personal / commercial ​​​​​​​​ E-mail: miloecute.e@gmail.com


By purchasing the commission work from me, you agrees that you have read, understood and agreed to these terms.

The commission work may use for personal as you wish (as long as it is non-commercial). About the commercial let me know beforehand!


● I have the right to change my terms of service and rates at any time.

The changes will not apply to existing commissions that are currently being worked on.

● I retain my artworks rights, unless only if this and commercial part for certain commission work has been discussed with you beforehand.

● I have the right to decline the commission if i decide that work by any reason(s) cannot be done.

● I have the right to post the commission work on my Portfolio / Social media.

If you will like to have it private or delay the work for posting, please let me know.

● Before ordering, please carefully review my Portfolio , Commissions works to have a clear idea.

● You agree that my style of work is suitable, and you are happy with my skill and the result work of your idea.

● The finished artwork will be delivered digitally to you only. The finished artwork will not be printed and shipped any physical way! I can only prepare artwork or a file for if you are going to print it yourself in the future.

Chargebacks are not allowed.


● Reselling, stealing, radically edit an artwork without my permission.

● Claiming that the commission work is fully drawn by you without mentioning me as an artist.


● TIPS ●

It will be great if you describe your idea full and detailed as possible because it's really important part.

References or any small sketch of your vision will be very helpful in understanding what exactly i need to do in work.

Don't worry if you don't have one, just a few images with a similar theme are great enough!


● I CAN DO ●

● Anime background / Landscape / Cityscape

● Fantasy / Natural / Dreamscape scene

● Evening / Sunset / Rainy / Night mood

● Background with a character in silhouette style / Fanart scene with a character in silhouette style

● Do a second or more versions of the same background at different times

● I DON'T DO ●

● Very complicated elements

● Extremely technical scenes / Complex architecture (At least not on professional level)

● Characters / Portrets

● Non human / Furry / Robots

(But may be chance with addition of a simple silhouette(s) in the background if you want)

If you are not sure about something, don't be shy to ask questions!

I'm open for discussion to find the right option ✉✨



Example 1 - 1
Example 2 - 2
Example 3 - 3

Or take a look here for more works of mine:


Commission works



*** Accepted (most) Paypal - Invoice ***


*** Accepted payment via card to card ***

Currency in $ (USD) / ₽ (RUBLES)

Payments will be paid 50% upfront, the rest of the amount at final stage only.


$75 - $110

The price can double depending on the amount of work with details and the time it takes to complete it.

Let me know if you need specific dimension or wants to print artwork in the future.

I work mostly not in small size:

4000x3000 / 5000x4000 - 300dpi/pixels .

Second version / Colored / black n white version or both, that's on your preference.


You can request me to make some change in the details, 2 times are free! The next one will be charged +$5

Including for extra details when work is already in progress will be charged.


● TIME ●

From 18 - 20 days

1-2 month is the maximum deadline as a last resort

Again that's depending on difficulty and versions of the commission, i try to finish work as soon as possible and let you know about the process with a update within 7 days or less.

If you have a specific deadline let me know about this beforehand!

Time start go after we agree on everything in disscusion.



Send me message with your details order on my email

( miloecute.e@gmail.com )

Example type

● Info of your commission, if it is for personal or commercial use


● Your idea and color palette (if any colors are important)


● Visual references / small sketch (if you have)


● If you have any specific dimensions / ratio


● Type a certain atmosphere

Evening - Sunset - Rainy - Night - Your option


● Need a second or couple versions of the background

(You can skip this part if you don't need)


● Adding a silhouette(s) in the background

(You can skip this part if you don't need)


● Email for Paypal Invoice (I can ask you about this later)



I'll let you know about if i accept the commission to start work on and price summary.

After agreeing on all the details with you in discussion, the payments will be paid of 50% upfront to start work, the rest of the amount at only final stage.

Within 7 days you will receive an update of artwork process that you can review and give your opinion whether everything is okay or not.

Once the artwork is complete and you accept the final result, after paying the remaining amount the artwork will be sent to you digitally via email - Google drive with a private access to download the file. You will get a higher resolution and smaller version of artwork without watermarks.

Ensure that you have saved the artwork once it has been sent to you! In case the file has been deleted from my computer.

Again, make sure that you have carefully read my terms!


That's all, thanks for taking the time to read my info if you did! :la: :heart:

© 2020 - 2021 Miloecute
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