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Melody of the rain

What can be better than making some sweet tea / coffee or whatever you like and watching from a large window while it rains! I hope I'm not the only one who dreams about it! :la:   

Anyway hope you like this one! (>.<)/ :heart: 


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TOASTYBREAD999's avatar

I just love the night sky wiht the stars just shining up in the sky... it's a beautiful scene... and alsoI didnt know that blue was associated with calmness... probably reason why blue is good plus purple for powa.. Im back in kinder...

TrottingPeryton's avatar

A splendid sight for the night. Probably better than a solar eclipse or the aurora borealis.

Miloecute's avatar

Indeed! Combinations with milky way can be not less interesting :)

Thank you very much for the comment!

Hey! Great work. I really Love it!! Is it okay if I use this Image for my animation

Miloecute's avatar

Thank you so much! :dummy:

Yes , as long as it's not for commercial i have no problem, just give a credit of artist(me) or artwork in the description.

Thank you! I would gladly.

Fishypaste's avatar

I really like this picture and the colors. It really reminds me of the dream-like quality of raindrops on a window, how they can look like stars at the right angle. Very nice.

Miloecute's avatar

Woow! i like your vision about raindrops, in fact i didn't think they could remind stars here ^^ Thank you so much, really appreciate it! :)

Dreamear's avatar

Wow, that's looks so mesmerizing, what an ambience, especially loved those rain drops on window! That cute cat have great taste for enjoy with this view haha! :love: Sweet tea/coffee, adorable cat and fantastic view, what a combination! :la:

Miloecute's avatar

Awww thank you so much! :la: Now it's become possible for you to take hot drink and enjoy my painted view with company of cat, especially in winter time haha! :D

You are one of the only ones who noticed raindrops really, i'm still puzzling my head with them xD Thought that without them there would be no feeling of the rain on window.

Dreamear's avatar

Haha you really did, you are very welcome, thank you for this art, inspiration and so relaxing feelings! :la:

When i looked art i just suddenly saw rain drops, i really love how they are look on windows like that and sometimes slowly slide down so can't miss it haha! It was great touch to art for sure, made ambience much greater! :love:

PitchBlackEspresso's avatar

That is either a very small kitty or a very big window haha

Very nice galaxy pattern!

Miloecute's avatar

That's just a big window haha, on early steps that cat was even more smaller xD

Glad you liked, thank you! :la:

Miloecute's avatar

Awww thanks! ^^

TheTubich's avatar

Its very nice :D

Miloecute's avatar
TheTubich's avatar

You welcome X3

IvieMoon's avatar

Watching the rain with a cup of something warm and a kitty sounds perfect to me too! Beautiful painting :)

Miloecute's avatar

Haha that's great then! Thanks, i'm glad you like it! :la:

pnn32's avatar

Looks like meteor shower!

Day23 - Meteor Shower

Miloecute's avatar

Ahhh meteor shower was expected ^^; I wanted to draw rain not as low and slow one, anyway this is a second try x)

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