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Girl in the illusionary world - Pixiv request

Do not use or reupload this requested artwork in any personal ways!

This is a finished work on request based on Clannad world (high five if you know it!), from Pixiv request  function for Ni :la:  


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Wow, so mesmerising creation, as i love that orange color of weak sun touch everwhere this is so sweet to look at it, love the mysterious ambiance too, trully magical work! :clap:

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The world in this work is not so simple, it is illusory and original color is white-yellow in anime "Clannad", but since the atmosphere here should be rather melancholic, i gave a weaker orange everywhere. Also in far you can see a strange helicopter haha : D

Anyway, thank you so much! c:

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Yes, in here not much bright orange tones, more like darker tones and this giving melancholic looks too! At first i thought that thing in the far was monster, my imagination power can be crazy you know. xD But yeah, it's helicopter, because of that accident, ambiance in here more darker tones to give sad look to art, fantastic! :clap:

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Masterpiece 🥺🥺
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Glad you liked! :la: Thank you so much!

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your welcome :)

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So peaceful and magical and those colors feels so soft and cozy ♥

Gosh i may watch Clannad about what this movie/anime? :))

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It's a interesting anime and has lot of different moments, so can highly recommend! To work i looked more in parts, but despite this i already fell in love with universe, especially for the illusory world with girl. Anyway thank you very much! :meow:

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Thanks for replay i will watch latter, have in plans to watch many anime.

And all of them feels as if they are about my poor so damn tortured soul.

And you know anime you described feels the same :))

Does anime so colorful as in this picture, I begin slowly to love colors used to like just black...

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