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Dark clouds

Finished my older wip from september :la: 
After month break i can't remember what happened here, what these lines should mean in the trees... I only remember when drew it, i had a deep mood to the dark music and wanted to create very dark thing :'D 

Hope you like it! :heart: 

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Amazing Art! I was hoping to use this art in my lofi youtube video. I'll give you full credits in the description. My channel is not monetized yet.

Thoroughly impressive.

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Your artwork is fantastic. Can definitely see the hard work that goes into it.

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Awww thank you so much!!! it means a lot because every artwork takes up a lot of my time >.<

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Wow that's looks fantastic! So beautiful with lot of mystery and ofcourse color choices! :clap: These lines on trees gave some scary look indeed! :oops:

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Hey thank you! :la: In cold seasons without sunlight inspiration for dark ideas often appears to be honest, although here are no exactly elements of horror, but unknown things are scarier always true x)

However i can tell you a positive side, these lines on tress can also serve as lighting garland too you know :D

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looks vary good!

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These lines in the sky are definitely Starlink satellites traces...

So the lines on trees are no longer needed optical cables ;P

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Hahah i knew someone will questioning about this xD To be honest, there is no backstory so it could be anything :D

These lines can really be connected to each other, or a line from the sky flies down on these tress and can glow for a second, and you as a character see this! :)

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