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September 13, 2021
Blooming hope by Miloecute
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Blooming hope


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Hey-hey, how's it going?! :la: The biggest work was done in middle of April for the spring season, but i had no time to upload it due being busy with commissions Sweating a little... 

Hope you like it! :heart: * 

Also version without silhouettes:…

Strawberry Ice Cream Bullet Strawberry Ice Cream Bullet Commission info: Strawberry Ice Cream Bullet Strawberry Ice Cream Bullet…

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That's beautiful ! wow !

illustratum0010's avatar
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mate u r soo gud at these drawings i wish i can draw this

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Theres something about this art which really soothes the mind & relieves stress of everyday work.

Be it the soft magenta/fuchsia tones, the dynamic yet graceful clouds, and the overall familiarity of the cityscape, blossoms and even the girl herself. One temporarily enters this world upon seeing this art deeper and beside her, enjoys a modicum of tranquillity and comfort for the soul, healing oneself before returning to the bustle of life.

rosesbloomntyre's avatar

This must of taken a lot of patience. Great work!

Miloecute's avatar

Thanks a lot! :) As far as I remember, it was mostly difficult with these buildings

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How could I draw like this? nice work mate :clap:

Miloecute's avatar

Practice is the main magic :D Thank you!

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you're welcome 🤗

Seraphimart2's avatar

This looks like an anime intro

Miloecute's avatar

This is partly true, this work including my others works is inspired by anime style :)

ScarletExtreme's avatar

Stunning! A lot of pink shades!

Miloecute's avatar

It is, thank you very much! :heart:

OldHeadEd's avatar

Could've sworn I saw this once before.

Oh well! Dig it! Vaporwave Wallpaper!

Miloecute's avatar

It is quite possible that you have seen before :D

Lyall-Celestria's avatar

This is gorgeous!

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ChrisDraww's avatar

Love the Colors !

Miloecute's avatar

Glad you liked the colors in here, thanks! :dummy:

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