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Astronomy night - version 2 - Commission work

Do not use or reupload this commission artwork in any personal ways! 

Astronomy commission and more detailed second version for miilkywayz :heart: :la:

First version:…


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DX094's avatar

Triple Beautiful!

Miloecute's avatar

A triple thank you! :D

Dreamear's avatar

That's so beautifully done, love the telescope idea it's like we are about to watch this magical sky and if we are lucky we may even see some aliens there too as bonus! :D

Miloecute's avatar

From the word of aliens i have a mixed association with the Sims game really, don't try to look for them! xD This is based on astronomy theme so it should be a very magical indeed! :3 And sorry for the late reply... anyway thank you very much! :la:

Dreamear's avatar

Haha yes, i should say friendly aliens there, we better not see dangerous ones you know. x0 You are welcome and no worries, keep fantastic art coming! :D

My best wishes!

Miloecute's avatar

Then let's hope for the friendly ones haha! :la: Even so, in my work you won't see the devil anyway so relax and enjoy! :D

Same for you the best wishes and cheers my friend! :hug:

Dreamear's avatar

Haha yes, after i drawing lot of mysterious and dark ambience artworks looking at your works can be so relaxing for real, it's also like a good ending of a very long story! :heart:

Cheers my friend, may your inspiration fire be greatly! :hug:

Miloecute's avatar

Awww that's so sweet of you! :hug: I honestly love how you create the atmosphere and everything always! ^^ And it aeffected, because my creative head often leans towards dark ambience too, but in a softer way as you already said :D

Have a amazing day/night! :)

Dreamear's avatar

Aww thank you so much for kind words about my art, always so happy to hear! :hug: Actually my art works not that dark, there are so much beauty and elegancy in it too! :meow: Yours to me sort of like sweet dreams too, also like before going sleep i imagine sort of places, much easier to deep sleep haha!

Have a wonderfull day! :)

R0M0-4's avatar

Коротко в тезисах:

Как всегда.

Пацаны - ваще ребята.

Умеете могёте.

Miloecute's avatar

Большое спасибо! :la:

HenrC's avatar

Wow, the drawing is beautiful, it shows that you put all your effort and dedication and the color is striking :3

Miloecute's avatar

Awww thank you very much for the comment! :la: I try my best to achieve the best result >.<

HenrC's avatar

You're welcome bro <3

pnn32's avatar

I open wide my window

It is the Night of the show

It is the Show of the Night

Better to say

I put my eye on the infinity circle

I 'm traveling into the space

(And) into the past


(с) Asylum Pyre - Laughing With The Stars :la:

Astronomy Animated

Miloecute's avatar

Wow, what a lovely poem to the artwork! :la:

pnn32's avatar

It's actually a beautiful & emotional song as well ;P

Miloecute's avatar

Just listened and damn, it is so awesome one indeed! Thank you for the share! :D

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