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Abandoned sign

I drew a new mystery place again! :la: 

Have you ever felt a strange aura when seeing an old sign / abandoned place? If yes, what do you think about it? ^^ Behind the art, every time i see an abandoned place or even an old sign somewhere among the plants, i have mixed feelings and wondering how that place looked before :0

Anyway, i hope you like the work! :heart: 


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So magnificent creation with those colors combinations and there are melancholy side too as how you said about old sign, it's like old stuff is gone now but also new ones has been born with magical way... :)

Miloecute's avatar

That's a quite a curious thought! ^^ Most right, since I wanted to combine the old and new time between the horizon there.

Dreamear's avatar

Definitelly i can feel there are deep meaning in this art, beauty and scary side of it, fantastic! :clap:

blazco101's avatar

This is absolutely beautiful! I can't imagine how long this background would take!

Miloecute's avatar

About two weeks, but in my rhythm this is the usual speed x) Thanks!

amazing!! I hope to get this good in the future!

Miloecute's avatar

You definitely will, just keep believe in your power! :) Thanks!

Es increíble como los colores y la disposición de los elementos te logra atrapar! Simplemente fascinada! Te quedó hermoso!

fireytika's avatar

gorgeous <3

the color palette makes perfect beauty that enchanting everyone that taking a look at it.

awesome ^^

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I'm late but thank you so much for the comment! :heart:

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