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Wuv sweet Wuv

Seems my favorite drawings of characters always turn out to be on line-paper - cursed line paper!!! Sometimes I get around to inking them but I just love the way the shading, etc turns out... Ah well. Here's my absolute favorite drawing I've ever done of Wolfwood and Milly. I even went so far as to make it my picture on my business cards. ^_^
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awwww! I need a fucking good relationship like this! lol <3
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This is sweet :) , this couple needs more love
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You betcha!  I was never able to draw anything quite as nice as this again though.  LOL
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Well I don't agree, because this one is also pretty sweet :aww: -->…
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Thanks!  I wish I had more talent at the computer when I did that one though... I don't think I even have the original drawing to fix it however.  ^_^;  I had some friends early on that don't post anymore, but they had some really outstanding MillyxWolfwood drawings back in the day.
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I've seen awesome fanarts of Vash here also and the drawer is  not here anymore D: , what a shame!!
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I hate when the best stuff comes out on lined paper. But sometimes you cant help it.
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*so* ADORABLE. I don't even mind the lines, it's such a precious moment between them :)
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This is gorgeous. : O It's a shame it's on lined paper, but I'm faving anyway! Excellent. :heart:
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It's one of those drawings that no matter how many times I tried to recreate it on non-lined just was never the same. Thanks!
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