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No More Tears

For those who know my artwork, ya'll know I'm a big Milly and Wolfwood fan when it comes to Trigun. So a few months ago I did this little piece for my site but no one told me until later that I'd forgotten to actually upload it!! *sweatdrop* So I thought I'd put it up here now too. This was originally done as a little pencil, then scanned, cleaned and colored on PSP7 - then I made the background completely on the computer using both drawing tools and some tones - it's an odd little piece but I've always loved the moment in Trigun where Milly holds Wolfwood before he dies. ^_^
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Ah! Right when I saw it I teared up! Love it :)
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Very well done. I love Milly/Wolfwood.
MillyT's avatar
Thank you! ^_^ Me too.
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This moment was so filled with emotions...
Great work in doing it, my compliments. I love them both too, and I love them together :heart:
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That moment always has tears welling in my eyes. ;___;
Love them so much. This is well done! Really captured the moment.
Mitsuka's avatar
Awww, I nearly cry everytime I look at this!
Absolutely heartwrenching! Excellent work! :+fav: :heart:
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I'm so glad you liked it! ^_^
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That's sweet X3
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Ooh. I absolutely love this pic. :phae:
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Yes, that too is one of my very favorite scenes in the entire series. Throughout the whole show I either wanted to give Vash or Nick a hug...and when Milly finally comforted Nick...the fangirl part of me just went "you go girl". You capture the calm finality of the moment beautifully, and definitely earn a fav. from me.
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Thank you! ^_^ That is one of the nicest moments in the show myself!
HornfreaksSylvia11's avatar
That is so good...and so sweet. *sobs a little*
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I'm a huge Milly/Wolfwood fan, too, and this looks great. Very sweet and sad. Nice work. <3
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