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Lonesome Dove Colored

Well, here it is!! I realized after the fact that I'd inked the lines a wee bit thicker than I'd have liked to use for the coloration... but I like how it turned out otherwise. ^_^
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That's actually really funny that it's called Lonesome Dove, as I was in a group at camp called Lonesome Dove, and it was a lot of fun... hehheh, reminescing.
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^_^ I love it when pictures do that - or at least titles. ^_~
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Great coloring, Ricki! :D But tho the colors so alive, poor Vashu looks so sad ;_; *snuggles him* :hug:
supernova2005's avatar
That's beautiful. I love your coloring.
MillyT's avatar
Thanks!! I love coloring - I just wish I could draw a bit better... *goes back to practice* ^_~
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Awww, pictures like this always make me wish he were tangible not just some anime character...that way i=I could hug him all better.
I had seen your line art earlier but hadn't had a chance at the time to comment, so I'll just make my comments here n.n;;

My favourite parts of this have to be his face and the wings. His expression just makes you want to save him. *sniffles*
MillyT's avatar
Thank you! ^_^ Oooh yes I wish Vash were real too - like a real actor or anything - although cosplayers come a close second! ^_~ I just wanna hug them!
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Beautiful!!! Your Vash drawings get better and better everytime!! :w00t!:
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Thank you!! ^_^ I'm hoping I'm doing him justice... I do so love Vashie-poo. XP
hellohawaii's avatar
nice work..give vash a hug for me rite?
MillyT's avatar
I sure will!! Guess it's the winter months getting to me... he's normally much more happy during the summer. ^_~
Dent-Tastic's avatar
*_* Beautiful!!! -Edo
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yep, the colors are nice, Vash looks great (even tho he is sad in this pic :( ) and the sky background looks pretty sweet too!
this is def one of the best Ive seen from you!
MillyT's avatar
Thanks! Means alot coming from a Vash pro like you! ^_^
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*goes puppy-eyed again*

That's it, I'm faving this one! :+favlove:
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so gorgeous... ^^ *fav*
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