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Hello everybody ! How are you today ?

I saw this art challenge come back on Instagram and Twitter, so I want to try this on DA ^^

Draw your friends s OC in your art style by Millymew

Arrow left  So, I will draw your OC ! Send me your OC ref in the comments ! Everybody are welcome Arrow right 

It will be fun ! (and it makes me a drawing exercise lol) PTP - Parappa Thumbs Up 

EDIT : Requests closed ! Thanks for your participation !

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Hello guys ! I'm back after a long enough absence
Sorry for my absence, I'm ready again to submit works here regularly ^^

And the winner is... adri.limns ! (Instagram)


Raffle winner by Millymew

The video of the random winner pick 

Thank you again for participation everybody ! pink heart {big}  

Caution  Read please  Caution 

Hello everybody, sorry for my inactivity here, I have a problem.. I'm in "dead point" about the drawing : I can't find any ideas,  I can't progress, my actual art style and works no longer suits me... I have again the "artist's depression", it's sad, I hate that, in more I do not have the moral
So, I decided reluctantly do a break on DeviantArt and Instagram, I don't know how long it will last, until to re appreciate the drawing
The raffle is maintained and I will do as agreed the raffle prize

Thanks for your understanding
Thank you for your participation ! I will announce the winner tomorrow


Free-animation-raffle by Millymew

Hello everybody ! 
I organize my first raffle on DeviantArt for to thank you for your supports (I'm so excited ! >w<)
(This raffle is only on DeviantArt and Instagram ~)



* Must be a watcher ^^
* Fav this journal
* Share this journal

Please put everything you did in the comments !



(more chance to win)

* Participate in the same raffle on my Instagram account (please specify me your Instagram username in the comments)



* A free colored animation of a few secondes, with the character/OC and the movement of your choice (simple background)

Some examples :

Don't worry, my friend ! by Millymew Nya~ by Millymew 1st anniversary on Instagram ! by Millymew

Rosalina's magic by Millymew  

DEADLINE : June 10th
1 winner chosen randomly with a random generator !

- No fake account plz 
- I don't animate NSFW/Gore/Furry sorry ^^'

I hope you join and good luck !  

*  Awww it's unbelievable ! THANK YOUUU GUYS ! You're so amazing ! °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖° * 

Thank you for your support and your nice comments small heart - pink Many of you have commented and liked my art (mostly my animations), it motivates me for improve myself and submit here art more and more good quality !
For some people, 100+ watchers it's not a lot, but for me it's sooo amazing ! *-*

Thanks again ! ~

 warm pink star I made littles stickers/icons to thank you for your watchs and favs in the comments '-' (dears, thanks for your support !) warm pink star 

Thank you for the watch by Millymew

Thank you for the fav(s) by Millymew

I hope you like it ! .:Happy star:. 

This is for my use, PLEASE don't use, take or trace >_< 
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Got this from Aqua-Lightbeam !

It's good for the soul. ^^

Comment and I'll...

1. Tell you something I learned about you by looking at your DA page and gallery for 20 seconds.

2. Tell you a color you remind me of.

3. Tell you what I think about you as a person

4. Tell you what animal you remind me of.

5. Ask you a question, and you must answer.

6. Tell you what I like about your art.

7. Give you a nickname.

8. Tell you my opinion of your profile picture (avatar).

9. Tell you to do this in your journal, if you haven't already.
It's time for my dinosaur... uh sorry, my old laptop, to retire, it make the soul
Thank you for your years of service

Error Message-Milly laptop by Millymew

So, NEXT ! xD Now, I have a Windows 10 laptop (bye Windows 7, you lag so much)

Arrow Bullet (Blue) - F2U!  The good news is this my new computer better support Photoshop, Sai and other big softwares, 
so (normaly), my future works will be better qualities, that's cool, isnt it ?

 Wow Guy Wink 

1st anniversary on Instagram ! by Millymew

Heart Emoji Bullet I can't believe it ! 1 year today ! It's amazing ! Heart Emoji Bullet  
Today is my first year on Instagram, honestly, I never thought that I was going to hold a year XD 
Thank you for my lovely followers, you're are awesome <3 

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