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Why, if the ponies are happy, fed, and healthy, do they hate me? Do they simply crave something new? Is the true nature of the pony to fight and make war? If any one pony here is a tyrant, is it not my sister? I gladly ask her to rule with me together, but it is not enough. She wishes for sole rule under a day filled mostly with night. If this is what the ponies want... Shall I simply give it to them? Do I fight for the crown I have owned alone for 1000 years when Luna shall not accept the one we shared for centuries longer? Perhaps I am to just leave to throne, banish myself to the center of the sun for 10 centuries.
I do not wish to fight. Surely, there are those who know what has brought them happiness and understand that food will fall short under Luna's 1:4 ratio of sun to moon.
If Luna is truly the better ruler, then is it that Equestria has flourished under my rule, where ponies starved under the short weeks she ruled the skies.
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