Writer Application for Pokemon: Tales of Tabira

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(Any portions in parentheses may be removed from the app, and are solely to guide you in the process of filling it in.)

APPLICATION FOR OFFICIAL GUILD DUTIES (Note that although your team performs official guild duties, and can do so for all four guilds, they are not part of any guild initially. You may become a fully-fledged guild member at Rank 3 in any given guild, and associate with your guild(s) of choice before then. See the FAQ for more details.)

Team Title:
(The name of your team goes here!)
Join Date: (The day you completed and/or submitted your app to the group.)

(The total of all reputation across each guild goes here.)
--Keepers Rep:          Rank:
--Trackers Rep:         Rank:
--Scholars Rep:         Rank:
--Artisans Rep:         Rank:
(^Individual guild reputation and rank, if applicable, go up here.^)

(Your total favor goes here. Remember, any reputation you earn comes with the same amount in favor!)


[1st Member signature]
(Replace this line with the name of your character.)
Species: (Your character’s species.)
Age: (Your character's age.)   
        Gender: (Your character's gender. Can be anything, binary or non-binary.)
Description: (A description of your character, which can include any clothing or unique physical attributes, as well as personality details [including nature and characteristic].)

Ability: (Your character's ability. Use a "
*" to represent a trained ability.)
Move 1:

Move 2:
Move 3:

Move 4:
(^Your character's moveset. Use a "
*" to represent a studied move.^)

(Any tools you have obtained or purchased may go here, with space for a short description. If a tool is customized, place an "*" next to its name. Limit 3. Additionally, if you choose, your character may use a tool as part of a move or moves they already know, described here. Move tools do not provide the move themselves and cannot be customized.)

-Move Tool:

-Item #:


[2nd Member signature]
(If you have a second team member, fill their info out here!)


Move 1:
Move 2:
Move 3:

Move 4:


-Item #:


> Honeycomb Storage <

(Any items you have in storage go in this section. If you do not have items in storage, feel free to leave this section blank or delete it.)


>>> Writing Area <<<

(In this section, you will write a short story describing your team's personality. Because this can be expressed in many ways, this section is completely freeform. Try to show off the most outstanding or eye-catching traits of your character(s), and most of all, try to show off your own prowess.

If you would like to use them, there are a few optional prompts here. Feel free to change or modify them as you see fit.

Good luck, and welcome to Pokémon: Tales of Tabira!)

© 2015 - 2020 Millybat
To participate in :icontalesoftabira:, an application must be filled out. The art application can be found here with a PSD version here. A Google Docs version of this application may be found here.

As of Intermission 5, a starting team can have a max of either three baby or basic stage members (or up to 2 eggs), or two members if one of your starting team members is a stage 1 Pokémon. A list of usable beginning Pokemon can be found here. More members can be recruited with a Spirit of Fellowship, but a team cannot have more than 4. If the team consists of one Pokemon, a 2nd (or 3rd, if all members are baby or basic stage) team member can be added anytime, as long as it is a baby, basic, or an egg.

Unused team member spaces can be deleted from the app if you'd like. You may also make the application smaller and change the colors, but please don't change it otherwise. All information must be kept legible!

Studied moves, trained abilities and customized tools are guild reputation perks. More about those can be read here!

When you are finished, make sure to submit your application to the "Member Teams" folder! Additionally, an example of a completed writing app can be found here.
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Woah this seems so cool with all the work leading to rewards.
Like a videogame! owo
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Hey, when I go to that completed writing app part to see how a complete app looks like to help me out.
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