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>this account is fully dead, but I'm posting this here for those who are wanting one in the future<
if you have any issues please throw me and note or drop a comment! whenever i get on next ill be sure to reply and fix the issue/help you out!


feel free to download and use however you'd like! I might make more lol.
My Hero doesn't have too many Shimeji's, hopefully, i can help by contributing 

Instagram New Icon EDIT; I changed my username of Instagram and am no longer Miixs8. My username is now Karstits, but I don't draw My Hero anymore. sorry...
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he wont show up

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StarryEyes666New Deviant

i love this little guy!

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CraziestLadNew Deviant

I have no clue on how to open the file.. Can you help me?

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i love him

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please make a dabi one :D

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The link does not work. Says there is something wrong with the file. I have everything downloaded (I have hawks already) so I do not know the issue.

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I have the same problem, did you find a way?

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MillkyToonsHobbyist General Artist

im not sure..? i tried opening it just now (logged out) to check, and it seems to be working fine? I'm not sure why it wouldn't be working : ( I'm sorry

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could you make a himiko toga nsfw shimeji or deku shimeji?

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MillkyToonsHobbyist General Artist


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ZeesPartyof6Hobbyist Digital Artist

Do you have any advice for getting rid of the white lines around shimejis? I'm currently trying to make my own and yours looks so clean and well made. Sorry if I'm bothering you by asking this!

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MillkyToonsHobbyist General Artist
I'm SO sorry for not replying sooner, I check DevianAart once in a blue moon.

I took the hard route. I didn't know how to get rid of the white dots and lines, so I would hand erase anything outside the lineart (on the color layer)
(for the step above, I added an extra layer (a background layer) and put black as the BG so I could see even the smallest of mistakes.

it's really annoying since some color that isn't outside of the lines will still show up as white dots. for those, I activated the shimeji and tried to figure out the exact frame that had the dot/line on it, memorized the spot, and tried my best to get rid of it blindly. a large majority of the time it worked

oh! and even VERY light (I'm talking opacity 1%) boxes will register as white dots. this part was honestly the most annoying and time-consuming. I wish you luck!
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The link isn't working
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KitziTheAngelCatStudent Digital Artist
omg I used this and yay my favorite crusty boi's hanging out by crawling on my screen as i typed this
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PlumcicleHobbyist Digital Artist
He's not appearing on my screen. I'm not sure if it's just an issue with my computer or if I'm doing something wrong. ;-;
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Prince-LesbianHobbyist Digital Artist

Hey there!

Did you try to open the .EXE file or the .JAR file? Also, do you have Java installed? You need Java to run the .JAR file, and the .EXE file doesn't really do anything.

Also, when the window pops up to select image sets, make sure the character is selected. I had this same problem when I first tried to install. I hope this helps (:

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PlumcicleHobbyist Digital Artist
It's been a while so I don't exactly remember, but ty for the tips!
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MillkyToonsHobbyist General Artist
What kind of computer do you have? i don't think they work on Macs. 
if you don't have a Mac, may i ask how far into the process you got? like, were you able to download the ZIP file, extract it, & open the shimeji tab? (there's a small window that pops up once activated)
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PlumcicleHobbyist Digital Artist
I have a Dell, and I was able to open it. I waited for him to pop up onto my screen, but he never did.
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MegaroniiHobbyist Digital Artist
Did you ever figure it out? ;o;
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PlumcicleHobbyist Digital Artist
Sadly no :'(
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MillkyToonsHobbyist General Artist
so the little shimeji window opened? try clicking "use all" instead of "use selected", sometimes the window doesn't select the shimeji so they don't pop up. other times the shimeji might land on top of your chrome browser window (or any other window you might have open), so you could also try minimizing those windows if he still won't pop up
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michealtherainbowHobbyist Artist
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