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The Witcher - Noir Series

By MilliganVick
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The Witcher Noir series COSPLAY
based on Astor Alexander’s arts
Toph as Ciri
Iris as Yennefer
Anna as Triss
Andrew as Geralt
photo by me 

The Witcher - Noir - Wild Hunt by MilliganVickThe Witcher - Noir - The Last Wish by MilliganVickThe Witcher - Noir - A matter of life and death by MilliganVick
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....I'm imagining a film noir that mixes the Witcher with elements of Bioshock Infinite: Burial at Sea. Love it.
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I sort of feel like the black opera gloves would have made more sense for Yennefer than for Triss. 
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Fira-LHobbyist General Artist
i hate the witcher 
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Good for you.
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PoptartBoi101Hobbyist Filmographer
awesome! I love the atmosphere for the one in the middle! :,OO
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skysoul25Student General Artist
THIS IS COSPLAY!? Wow!!! I thought it was just amazing illustrations.
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PhantomMuseProfessional Digital Artist
Yooo man, same!
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skysoul25Student General Artist
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DaninskyHobbyist General Artist
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Nice Artwork. Well done.
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theFallenSENTIENT18 General Artist
Dude this is cosplay
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Wow. Well done 
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gkhnsolakHobbyist General Artist
Witcher, Baretta of Destiny
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DanielRaffertyHobbyist General Artist
wow, one of my favorite game series meets one of my favorite genres. Great piece! keep up the good work. 
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ohhh what an interesting art) 
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A fantastic concept--you did an amazing job with these.

Just started playing WITCHER 2, and have been impressed with it so far.

Again, fantastic work here.  Will fave it right away.
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theFallenSENTIENT18 General Artist
This is exquisite 
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S7alker117Professional Writer
Now I need this. I need a good crime noir fantasy novel in my life. 
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Lax25595Hobbyist Digital Artist
This is so great .... It'd be so amazing if they made a spin-off witcher game in present times.!!1
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PriksCreepHobbyist General Artist
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ArchsiderProProfessional Digital Artist
 :O :O <3 <3 
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Gam3rG1rl13Professional General Artist
Beautiful work!
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mmitchellhoustonProfessional Digital Artist
I like your treatments. They look like actual book covers (although the text is a bit small for an actual publication), but your painterly treatment of the subjects is VERY nice.
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