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TW:WH - Ciri

Toph as Ciri
photo by me

TW:WH - Ciri by MilliganVickTW:WH - Ciri by MilliganVickTW:WH - Ciri by MilliganVickTW:WH - Ciri by MilliganVickTW:WH - Ciri by MilliganVick

Mature Content

TW:WH - Yennefer and Geralt by MilliganVick

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"--and if you don't learn to keep your hands to yourself I'm going to leave you with one less hand to stick into other people's business, do I make myself understood?"
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Is it just me or does he look kinda like Arin Hanson from the Game Grumps
poor Ciri, always get´s stuck with thugs.
should have made the guy a handsome knight so that Ciri for once could have gotten some company that she enjoys as well.
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Would be funnier if he was so drunk out of his mind that he still had that dumb grin from the first panel even as his throat was getting slit. XD
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Ciri is real T-T
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Well damn. he should have stopped when she said no.
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This is totally Ciri <3 Great job!
I feel the ?eye shade makeupstuff? is a bit exaggerated, and makes her look like a wannabe rouge. awesome cosplay otherwise :-)
I feel the same way when folks start pestering me when I'm trying to enjoy a meal!!

Excellent work, best cosplay ever!!
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on second photo he's like "O SHIT WADDUP"
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The absolute best Ciri cosplay I've seen so far! Magnificent work!
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She really does make the best Ciri, although I really felt like she should of had some dirt on her for a fuller effect, especially on her hands. Since you gotta imagine her being in her element How she was always on the run but I guess someone could be a smart ass and say this was after the battle with Eredin . .....well whatever just a suggestion
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I absolutely love it!! Amazing job of both the cosplay and photoshoot.
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I love their expressions. Clap  Him: "O, look a cute girl!" Her:"He si going to die in next five seconds." Nod 
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mind! blown!
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This makes me confuse haha i thought they were 3D rendered
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These are amazing; The make up? Top notch
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I love the first photo both facial expressions on point well done.Clap 
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cant tell if 3d or real.....MY HEAD HURT!!
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I was thinking the same thing XD i can't tell if its a 3D render or a really REALLY good cosplay XD
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