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Dota 2 Lina

Dota 2
lina cosplay
Lill as Lina
photo by me
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This busty redhead could also play Marvels Mary Jane Watson or as Firebird and Jean Grey/Phoenix
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this is really great! u did a good job **
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Lina! My favorite Dota2 character :) Gorgeous outfit, Lill did an excellent job!
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oO, stfu and take my $$$!!! ;> i love it 
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It's Lina! :) Beautiful work.
you are awsome beautiful
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Oh! look just like her!!!
God this is awesome, just found this gallery and Im amazed. Now I have something which I can hold on to and show my girlfriend what she can "do for me" on my birthdays : D

Anyway, I'd love to have a desktop of a Lina picture, let me know if you got one with widescreen sizes, and keep up the sexy work!
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Thank you! Glad u like it))
Do you have any LoL cosplay?
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nope, i play dota, not lol
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But you do other cosplays, might aswell do LoL
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Aw, that's sad. I like to play both.

I bet your boyfriend who introduced you to Dota hates LoL cause it's bigger than Dota.
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i play dota 7 years and it was my dad who brought it to me
and i hate lol 'cos all this shit copied from dota like hon and etc
lol since... when? 2009? 2010?
even the base was taken from WC III
fuck lol
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You seem to be very against LoL, have you ever played it? I'm a huge Warcraft 3 fan and I played a little DotA but was a bigger fan of other custom maps, I played a little bit of LoL and after awhile I grew to hate it, the community, and the company who made it. I don't hold anything against those who like it, however... but I do feel many of them need to open themselves up to much better games and I hold small resentment to the fact that LoL is so popular because I feel it is undeserved.

I recently got into the DotA 2 beta and have been enjoying it and I found it quite different to LoL. I like it more and I find the characters more colourful in more ways than one. Sorry for all this text I didn't mean to write so much! I am just curious whether you have played LoL and hated it or just simply don't like it because it was DotA that originally spawned the MobA genre and you consider LoL and games like it to be crappy clones that gained more popularity undeservedly?
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oh wow
i don't like lol 'cos i don't like clones of smthing in general.
Games or movies or books.
In a very rare case it could be masterpiece unfortunetely(
If u make something - make it original or at least try.
I'm playing dota for many years so for me it is question of loyalty i guess =\
and yes, i have played lol and found it more like some kind of anime-game, which i don't like.
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