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Water Bubbles Brush



This is a set of three bubble brushes that I made in conjunction with my Rainy Day Apple and Submerged Chaos apple wallpapers. I thought they might be useful to other people so I decided to tweak them and fine tune them and then upload them. Right now the brushes are calibrated to be "clicked" around, as opposed to holding the mouse button down and wiping. Of course I encourage you to go into the brush settings and tweak the scatter settings and whatever else...there are many possibilities. In other words, these three brushes could really be many more. If you would like to see more bubble stuff let me know Ill see what I can do.

Also please note that you must use a blending mode in order to make the bubbles fit in with environment, such as overlay or soft light. You can also adjust background and foreground colors before using brush in order to make the bubbles certain colors without applying a blending mode.

Thanks for downloading!

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