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After a lot of questions and requests, I have decided to start taking commissions. I will only have 3 or 4 slots available at one time. Prices are determined by a number of factors; fabric being the biggest. I only work with minky. I also make accessories for my ponies, but naturally they will be charged extra. Here is the link to my rates.…








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Post-BronyCon Update

Journal Entry: Mon Aug 13, 2018, 4:29 AM

Well, another BronyCon is in the books. As it turns out this was the penultimate chapter with the announcement that next year will be the Con's finale. With that in mind I am making a two-fold announcement. First, when BronyCon closes up shop so will I. That con has been the only event I vend and it is time for me to try something else. This does not mean I am no longer sewing after August of 2019, but I am slowing down to only commissions and whatever I feel like making. I finally have the perfect excuse to cease production.

I have been blessed to make ponies for people to enjoy for over six years and I have a gallery of smiling faces holding their ponies to prove it. That wall of photos is my inspiration to continue sewing ponies and I wouldn't trade that away for anything. I have met a lot of cool people in the process and watched a few fans grow up and mature as the years pass. This sewing thing was just a way to help sustain a living while I worked toward earning my PhD. Now that I have a full time job corrupting the youth in college classrooms I no longer need this to maintain my rock n' roll lifestyle.

Sewing has always been a fun side hustle over finding a real part-time job and I was so fortunate to find people who really enjoyed my work and crazy enough to pay me for it. Every time I sell a pony I am eternally grateful to the person who bought them because I still can't believe people love my plushies. I will always be thankful because everyone who ever bought a pony supported me as I worked toward my real goal of earning a terminal degree without starving to death. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Secondly, since this will be the last year of BronyCon I am going to go all out and make more ponies than ever before. I have a list of ponies I will have available for 2019. If there is any pony I should make leave a comment below and if I see enough requests I will probably make at least one for this last roundup. 

Twilight Sparkle w/ removable wings                           
Pinkie Pie                                                             
Rainbow Dash                                                       
Starlight Glimmer 
Princess Luna 
Shadow Tempest
Applebloom w/cape 
Applebloom w/cutie mark                                      
Sweetie Belle w/cape                                            
Sweetie Belle w/cutie mark                                    
Scootaloo w/cape                                          
Scootaloo w/cutie mark                                          
Nurse Redheart                                                                                           
Magic Duel Trixie                                                
Sunset Shimmer
Party Favor 
Double Diamond 
Night Glider 
Sugar Belle 
Moon Dancer 
Vapor Trail 
Sky Stinger 
Vinyl Scratch 
Big Mac
Bright Mac
Pear Butter
Dr Whooves 
Berry Punch 
Sonata Dusk 
Bon Bon 
Babs Seed w/cape 
Coco Pommel 
Shining Armor 
Sleeping Twilight w/wings 
Sleeping Rarity                                                 
Sleeping Pinkie Pie 
Sleeping Applejack                                                    
Sleeping Fluttershy                                       
Sleeping Rainbow Dash                                        
Sleeping Applebloom                                            
Sleeping Sweetie Belle                                    
Sleeping Scootaloo                                       
Sleeping Derpy                                             
Sleeping Lyra 
Sleeping Bon Bon                                                                                         
Sleeping Trixie                      
Sleeping Sunset Shimmer 

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Just leave me a note on my DA account and we can go from there.
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