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Sunset Shimmer's Cutie Mark

I'm a fan of Sunset Shimmer, despite the dissonance that might seem to imply with my massive Flutterfan status. As a result, I've become somewhat obsessed with attempting to perfect certain vector resources pertaining to her, such as her cutie mark here. The colors are as accurate as I can manage, and the shape was painstakingly achieved through a variety of official sources. Check 'em out if you want.

:bulletblack: Inkscape SVG: [Link]
:bulletwhite: Plain SVG: [Link]
:bulletred: One of the better screenshots: [Link]
:bulletblue: A shot of the packaging of her only pony toy: [Link]
:bulletgreen: Her cutie mark on her mask from that toy: [Link]

:iconponyscape1plz::iconponyscape2plz: :iconccwelcomedplz1::iconccwelcomedplz2: :iconyouareplz::iconallowedplz:

Find out more about Ponyscape at Ponyscape-Vectors


My Little Pony: Equestria Girls and Sunset Shimmer™ property of Hasbro.
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I give that A+. Great work.
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May I use this?
MillennialDan's avatar
Oh uh, yes!

3 months later, lol. Sorry about that.
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Used! Thank you!
Sunset Shimmer and Garble by EMositeCC
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The SVG posts that you link to won't download. Clicking the download button just opens up a new tab with the image that you can't even right click to save.
MillennialDan's avatar
I just tested them on my phone. The downloads still work, but your firewall may be blocking them. Norton complains that the download page is malicious for some reason.
MetaKnight145's avatar
I don't think its my firewall because I've downloaded four other SVG files from with no issue. And I've tried to click the download button with different browsers and still all it does is open a page with the image not download it.
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Can I use this cutie mark, please?
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Go for it.  Sorry for taking so long to reply.
HeartStorm4ever's avatar
It's okay! Thank you!
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Used here...if that's okay with you.
MLP-NovelIdea's avatar
I strongly suspect this is the truly definitive Sunset CM on the internet. I've used it more times than I can count at this point. 
MillennialDan's avatar
I'm glad it's gotten some mileage!
MLP-NovelIdea's avatar
It's probably in Gardens of Equestria around 500 times...probably more, considering every Sunset Sarsaparilla machine, box, rug, bottle, bottlecap and logo in the game will have the mark on it. 

Yeah, that's some heavy mileage. ;)
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Used, thank you!
Lil Miss Sunshine by rem-ains
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