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Elements of Harmony in Stone

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This pain in the neck was made for the Double point challenge no. 8 by the MLP-SVG-Resources group. I used this image as my base, if you're curious. It has exactly 2256 nodes (vertices), and I messed with every single one of 'em. It took a while, let me tell you.

Hey look, theme music!

The SVG file is right here: [link]

Oh yeah, if you notice anything wrong with it, just let me know and I'll fix it.


My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic belongs to Hasbro.
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There is a slight animation error...

Or was it done on purpose so viewers won't notice?

Or are they taking advantage of that fact and preparing something for Season Six?
Pinkie Pie said she counted 5, but there's clearly six.

(...Or what if this was foreshadowing as to the existence of a SEVENTH Element(:iconsunsetshimmersplz:)?!? ...Nah, they wouln't plan THAT far ahead.)
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Used this for a project of mind Thanks a lot for making the SVG available.
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Sure thing, you did some nice work there!
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Oh, thanks for saying so!
Hold on a second, there is something off here there were suppose to be only 5 elements but you can clearly see that there are 6 smaller stones around the main statue. An oversight?
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Hmm, animation error I suppose.
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Pinky Pie said that there were only five. LEARN TO COUNT PINKY!!!
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Same as the comment above me, I saw this and thought about it but was like naaaah ;)
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I should have know better. :XD:
At least it came out reasonably well I think.
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Oh yes it look phenomenal, you've done a great job on it ~fluttershyishappyplz
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LOL. I hear ya, man.

I briefly considered doing that, but was like... "Naaaahhhh. I'm too lazy". :D
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