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Low Brass Brush set

Yes, that's right, a low brass brush set for all to enjoy!

With downloading this lovely photoshop compatible set of brushes, you will get:

*marching baritones
*valve trombones
*rotary tubas

Plus the added joy of a bass clef! Jubilation!
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Awesome! I am an elementary school music teacher. Thanks for these!
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Love it! Finally, someone remembers the valve trombone! (Can't you tell that I'm a valve trombonist?)
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They're just so awkward and hilarious. c: I once played one before I learned real trombone.
Superbe , merci
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Thanks for the Free Photoshop Music Brushes, I'll be promoting them for you on my Tintation Web and Graphic Resources Blog in the beginning of December :)
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lol I can play 3 of those and intend to learn another.
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Go euphoniums! Very nice representation of the low brass!
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Thank you :bow:

and euphoniums are the best C:
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Oh yes they are ^^
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oh! & also 3 tubas :3
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I love this <3


Our band has has 9 trumpets, 6 trombones, 4 mellophones during Marching Band/French horns during Concert & 3 baritones
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Sounds like you have a pretty powerful low brass section :3

We don't march trombones for some reason. I guess you can do harder drill that way :shrug:
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*friend of pudding*
love the cornet :D
*plays flute D: *
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Hello friend of meh sis! I've heard very much about you! ^_^

And thank you, I'm glad to see another person excited about teh low brass brushes.

Yay flute player! I know many of you >:3 :hug:
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total there are about 25 flutes D:
but in the individual bands there are about 8 in each :P
do you play an instrument?
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Yeah really! ^_^

Wowzers... that's a lotta flutes! O_o

I play baritone/euph just like pudding.
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fun :D
we have a big band though, so we're pretty quiet. :P
Lotsa low brass :D
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Ooh yeah! Low brass power!!!! :D
How many low brass peeps do you guys have? We had 12 for marching season :P
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we had five tubas five baritones
at least twenty trombones and at least twenty trumpets and i think there were six people on the cornet :P
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Holy cow batman! 20 trombones?!!!!?!!?!?!?! Dang, we don't even march trombones. We have seven baritones and five tubas.
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