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tagged by daturapidge
Brass|wildclan|warrior by millemusen
1. he have no other family than his mate and kits. everyone else is dead or missing

2. he once went through a phase of bitterness and hatred after his first mate dissapeared and was never seen again, but he couldn't stay like that

3. he would have left shadowclan for riverclan due to daisysong, had he not become the deputy

4. he belives starclan could exist, but not nessecerily in the way the clan cats see them

5. if he was given a warrior name, he would likely not really respond to it as he wouldn't concider it his name either way. he could see it as a kind of nickname though

6. brass isn't muscular or tall, neither does he hold his head high. hes more for running than strenght

7. nightmares have become an old friend long before the current events, they just became worse due to what is causing the clan cats to have severe nightmares

8. hes aware that the deaths of every one of his family members wheren't his fault, but he still blames himself and feels guilty. daisysong and his kits helps him remove his mind from it

here have some extra just becaus
9. he only joined shadowclan becaus he wanted to be close to his sister, but not in her way(she was in skyclan back then called cloudclan(if memory serves me right))

10. crookedstar was his best friend and he felt betrayed and abandoned when she left without warning. still kinda feels abandoned

11. daisysong is his second and most likely only other mate

12. his first mate, pinestripe, was also his apprentice

13. most of his scars where gained from reedstar on the same day he accidently killed her. the others were given by the wicked and during one of the journies respectivly

14. he didn't always have big triangle-ish eyebrows

15. he used to be grey with an impossible brown stripe down the back(not very realistic design)

16. his sister had two faces and lived to 16 moons

17. his father died when he was hit by a car and his mother starved to death

18. he nearl buried his baby sister alive becaus he thought she was dead. he was unknowingly scared away by his sisters adoptive mother to be

19. he calls everyone by thier prefix unless the whole name is nessecery for conversation context or to adress someone

20. he wanted to name his kits after his parents, but they had to be named clan names(he still sometimes calls coot for abigale and bramble for chance)

another bonus
21. i never realised how much people apparently loves this guy. dont worry guys, i love him too XD

i ain't gonna be tagging nobody

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Submitted on
May 23, 2017