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[wyngro]Uncertain Discovery by millemusen [wyngro]Uncertain Discovery by millemusen
it had been a while since she had hung out with hetro to cheer him out and both had gotten sappy and ended up at his home for the night. she hadn't assumed they had done anything since she had woken up on a sofa. they had gotten breakfeast and she went home to her children, who was maybe worried about her, but atleast the wynglings where in safe hands with thier grown brothers. when she got home, she explained that she had hung out with a friend to cheer them up and that she was sorry for not informing them that she wasn't coming home that night, although she hadn't know she wasn't coming home that night, but she didn't mention that part. maybe the morning after she started feeling nausia, but assuming she might just have caught one of the illnesses going around or maybe she had a late, not so pleasant response to the sap, she went to dr. f to get checked just in chase anything was really wrong. telling him the symptoms she felt and getting tests to figure out what was wrong and eventually, he was able to tell her what was wrong. good news where that she wasn't sick and that she wasn't responding late but badly to sap, but she wasn't expecting the news he actually gave her of why she felt that way. she thanked dr.f and when home, feeling uncertain and a bit scared to be honest, but when she got home and her wyngling son and daughter came running, whom she had left home alone since thier brothers were out and she wasn't going to be gone long, she opted to lie to them for now and tell them that dr.f didn't find anything and that it was nothing. as the day went on, she found herself looking the mirror, feeling her belly, by now very slightly swollen, every time she just told her kids that she was looking at, or fixing her regrowing tuft of hair. through all this time, she knew she needed to tell hetro whats going on, he needed to know, he needed to be given the chance, atleast thats what she felt would be right, but at the same time she hadn't even told her own children and hetro had a lot on his plate right now with his missing niece, upset brother and magic class going on. she figured she could go help hetro with magic class, so long as she was carefull, then she could wait until after magic class where she could get her children and hetro together so she could tell them. but how were she going to tell everyone? well atleast she had a while to figure out how to tell them, to let them know that she was eggbound
(471 words)

+hair tuft
+paw pads

-note that i have never drawn a pregnant biped and shes not terribly far along-
Crunchy-Cucumber Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2018  Student Digital Artist
Ooof Mama baste, poor gal

but hey Razz is no longer the youngest
millemusen Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2018  Hobbyist
technically she is becaus the egg havn't been laid yet XD
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