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[wyngro]Responsibility Of Kindness by millemusen [wyngro]Responsibility Of Kindness by millemusen
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really wanted too rename this but i couldn't think of another title

She wandered around the look, calling and looking for the same wyngling she had seen earlier in the day and warned alma about. With alma having so many other wynglings to look after as well, she had asked if baste could take over the care of the wyngling until he got better and could get a permanent home. While she did think about it, she accepted to help and went home to build a fence on the walkway of the entry and storage room of her home, so that there would be no injuries from accidental falling down the walkway. She wandered around, asking the other wyngro and wynglings if they had seen him, using his name that she learned from alma. She eventually found him in one of the beds that she had checked earlier ''Oh there you are Icarus'' she spoke softly, approaching the wyngling ''I've been looking for you all over the place!'' she stopped by the bedside and kneeled down, the orange wyngling looking at her, his eyes as dead as they were earlier. He looked thinner than she though earlier, his arms skinny and she could only assume how much of his ribs the fluffy, dull fur was hiding. His paws looked so red and sore and it gave a tinge in her chest, making her feel so terrible ''Hey, my name is Baste'' she spoke, keeping her voice soft ''Alma is really sad that she can't keep as much an eye on you or help you as much as she can, with all the wynglings running around here, so she asked me if I could help take care of you until you got all better'' she paused, looking at the poor boys dead looking eyes ''So what I'm saying is, I need you to pack your things and I'll take you home to a nice bath, some food and as much care and attention I can give you, alright?''

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baste -millemusen
icarus -Enderquus

Enderquus Featured By Owner May 17, 2017  Professional General Artist
This came out lovely, and the short story was a very addition! I really love how gentle Baste is being with him as well~ 
I'll be attending to my next bit shortly~
millemusen Featured By Owner May 17, 2017  Hobbyist
Glad you like it X3 we gonna get icarus back into shape XD
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