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[wyngro]Magic Class 4 - the burn by millemusen [wyngro]Magic Class 4 - the burn by millemusen
Another day for another lesson of magic. As always she dutifully dropped off Icarus at the nook, reminding him to eat and try to make friends, and off to school she went. It was a warm day so she had decided to wear her blue tank top, enjoying the weather on her way to class and meeting up with a fellow student or two on the way. Hearing the lesson this time, she was glad she knew it wouldn't be a good idea to have a wyngling with her, so she was happy Icarus was safe in the nook. Once it was time to start practicing, she grabbed a couple of the ember snaps and went outside in the nice weather. She had never really seen an ember snap before, so when she sat down, she took the time to investigate the fruit, vegetable or whatever it would be classified as, taking time to figure out how to do this. She needed to conjure fire to make these things pop, that's what she knew, but she weren't quite sure how, or how much heat the ember snaps needed. She looked around at other fire students that was doing attempts as well, chuckling slightly to herself the the positions the quad students tried to bend in to do what they needed to do.

As she turned her attention back to her own project, she placed an ember snap on the ground in front of her and placed her feet so the ember snap would be between them, but her feet wouldn't touch it, after all, she wouldn't want to burn herself. She could only imagine how much that would hurt, but she shook the thoughts and began focusing on conjuring the fire on the ember snap. She placed her hands close, but not to close to eachother and held them what she considered a safe distance above the ember snap, focus her eyes on it. She wasn't sure how to start to be honest, but she tried starting with heating up her hands, though she wasn't sure how it would help but it was a start. As she saw a small glint of fire, her excitement made her lose focus and the fire flickered out in an instant. She gave a slight snort of frustration, annoyed that she lost focus, but not hurt that it had happened since she was a beginner. She returned to focusing, placing her hands the same way and practically staring through the ember snap in front of her. She held her mind deep in concentration as she managed to get the small fire started again, growing it slowly larger, but tempering it as the ember snap seemed to stir a bit. So focused on doing this, she did notice or except when it happened.

Suddenly her concentration of disturbed when the ember snap jumped up. the sudden noise and jump caused her to startled, her body giving a flight or fight response to the unexpected surprise. It felt like everything was in slow motion for her as her sudden disturbance and movement caused her to move the fire further up as she at the same time, dragged her short arm up in defense, causing it to be caught in the fire. Her startled screech startled the other wyngro around her and warned the teachers inside, Zagor rushing out to see what was going on. the part of her arm that had been hit by the fire was searing and burning, yet the adrenalin caused it to feel numb with only a hot feeling replacing it. She had felt the blood drain from her face as it all happened, but she hadn't quiet registered it. As she sat there, staring at her twitching arm with her elbow resting in her other hand, she barely registered as Zagor rushed over, conjuring water to help cool the area down and quickly got her rushed to the local doctor.

It was only after she had been threatened and sat at the clinic did it start to truly dawn on her what had happened. She got mad at herself for getting such a reaction to being startled, mad as she tried to reason with herself that if she had just been more aware and a little less reactive this wouldn't have happened. She sighed, looking at the wrapped up arm in defeat, thank chii that it hadn't been worse. the wrapping covered the part of her arm that covered between the elbow and the hand, luckily her hand was unharmed, allowing her use of her fingers, but her thumb had limited use as the burn had touched part of the thumb muscle near the wrist. Since she had still been out of it when she arrived and got threatened, she enquired about how bad it was, learning that it had been a second degree burn and probably would leave a scar once it was healed. After receiving instructions of how to care for the bandage and such, and a time to return for a check up, she returned to class with her ears flattened down. She got a lecture about being careful when around fire and stayed inside the school for the rest of the class, waiting it out, but now and then trying to refine conjuring fire, but a little further away from herself and without the ember snaps, figuring how she should explain the wrapped up arm to Icarus when she picked him up.

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quartz -Ozawells
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Ozawells Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2017  Student Digital Artist
RIP Baste, she did her best but it was all in vain

Thanks for adding Quartz in there, he looks so scared lol
He'd probably walk up to her and ask if she's okay afterwards
millemusen Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2017  Hobbyist
she still came back to class once she was done at dr. f lD

and i hope he walked up to her after she came back from dr. f XD
Ozawells Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2017  Student Digital Artist
Of course, he needs to know if his fellow student is okay ;v;
he considers them all friends tbh
millemusen Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2017  Hobbyist
she'll be fine in the long run X3
she can still walk and she have her other arm X3

hes welcome to come visit baste in her home on occasion though
just know she have two wynglings in her care(one have only just joined, though ic not quiet yet)
ArtyJayWolf Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2017  Student Traditional Artist
Oh nooooo Poor Baste...
Farran's gonna rush over and hug her dammit XD
millemusen Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2017  Hobbyist
hopefully after she returns from the doctor XD
Enderquus Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2017  Professional General Artist
Rest in pepperonis, arm.
millemusen Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2017  Hobbyist
Atleast she wont loose the arm X3
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