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[whistlercrest]Dollop Bag Inventory by millemusen [whistlercrest]Dollop Bag Inventory by millemusen
other storage:

Personal Journal
a book full of empty pages that have been made into a personal journal
theres nothing inheritly special about this book. its not even wrapped in leather
'Your beginner's guide to local flora and fauna' Book
a book given to Dollop as one of his first given things.
he keeps it on him in chase he needs it
Mysterious Potion
gained from:
dollop have no idea of whats in this thing
Mystery Candy
gained from participation in group icon contest
'For one image (If this is in a comic, you can only use it in one panel), you are allowed to perform minor magic of any element or alignment. For example, your character may blow out little embers after consuming this candy (nothing too big!), blow bubbles out of their mouth, etc. You may only pick one magical effect per candy.'
Wind Breath Candy(2)
gained from halloween event 20170+unknown origin(i forgot to track second candy)
'With a deep inhale and exhale, you can blow away the competition!'
Spark Touch Candy(2)
gained from halloween event 2017+plastic egg give away
'ZAP!ZAP!ZAP! After this tangy candy, you feel like you control electricity! well... not really but you can shock others'
Bubble Candy(5)
''Blow and pop some rad bubbles with this sweet candy''
Fire Candy(3)
''with this spicy candy, you can now breathe small sparks of ember''
Plant Candy(3)
''after eating this candy, you feel yourself at one with nature. you can tell how plants feel for period of time''
Deep Heartstone
"Holding this object allows the user to communicate through emotions with wildlife."
Blue Mood Stone Necklace
''A necklace made from a blue Mood Rock.
It's an extremely rare piece of jewelry.
Some say wearing it can make it possible for the wearer to manipulate the feelings of others.''
Personal Bttery Buddy
"A portable and replenishable power source."
Lapis Stone
"This stone feels cool to the the rushing water brushing past your hand. Refreshing!"
Lapis stone
optained from:
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June 23, 2017
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