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[wc]Terror Of The Magenta Snake by millemusen [wc]Terror Of The Magenta Snake by millemusen
alas it was propably shortlived

the transformation felt painful, his cheek ripping open for a bigger mouth, giving him a more snake like face, yet his face remained rat or bunny like. he lost his lips as the crocodile teeth became his own and only three words roared over his own thoughts 'hunt, kill,eat'
he stalked and hunted anyone he could find, his legs allowing him to walk, but the lack of arms not helping him in the slightest. as he were about to attack a group he managed to get close to, another nyulop disturbed his hunting, making the group run away and dollop roaring in anger. the nyulop was a dark brown one in a lab coat with a bucket on the back and armed with syringes and wierd eyes, but it didn't deter dollop as he attacked, hissing and roaring.
it didn't take much to avoid the syringest and wrap around the other nyulop, squeezing them thighter with every breath, intenting to suffocate them. after a short while as he raised his head above them, opening his jaws wide to swallow them, his muzzle was suddently grapped and yanked back, forcing him to throw his prey away as a wrestle began between him and his house master.
dollop may have become a monster, but he didn't get that much bigger, allowing his much bigger house master to wrestle him to the ground and tie his mouth shut, keeping him there until other adults came.

smiler -@LilSpiritCat

Rose-Grimm-Spirit Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2017
I love it!
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