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[wc]Ready For All Hallows Eve by millemusen [wc]Ready For All Hallows Eve by millemusen
dollop was highly suspicious of this random nyulop that seemed to come out of nowhere and hand out blank masks. he honestly weren't going to take one becaus he had already made a mask, but then he remembered that it was made of paper at best and he doubted it looked very good. after quiet some debating with himself, he decided to get in line and choosed the full face mask. on his way back to his room, he studied the mask, trying to figure out what it was made up so he could use the right glues and paint and thinking about how to do the mask design itself. he figure the design itself wouldn't be too complicated, but he was sure. on his way, he managed to sneak away a sharp pair of scissors from the kitchen and went to his room to finish his costume.
he studied the mask again, taking a pencil and starting to sketch out the general thing like eye holes and where he wanted to paint the teeth on it and whatever else, settling with a roughly, simple skull pattern. he painted the whole mask a dark magenta and while he waited for the paint to dry, he worked on attaching straps to his costume, returning to the mask to paint the skull on it. once the greyish paint was done, he cut out the eyes, making sure there was space enough for him to see through it properly, after that he proceeded to paint some lines for eyebrows and the line for the mouth as well. before he painted the teeth, he looked at the cut out eyes of the mask and got an idea. he painted both cut out eyes completely white, let it dry and then cut them out in two sets og 6 teeth and glued them where he were going to paint teeth. while it was drying, he suited up with the coat of his costume, closing every strape but leaving the hood off as he didn't have the mask yet.
as the mask dried, he put it on, pulled the fuzzy magenta hood over his head and looked at himself in the mirror. he quiet liked what he had managed to make and he found the more 3d teeth looked better than some painted on ones would have. he made sure to test if he could get his arms out, wich he could as the coat were not directly strapped to them, but he still needed to be able to use his arms for whatever he would need them fro. now all he needed to do was clean his room from whatever was left of his little costume making and he would be all ready for halloween


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October 1, 2017
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