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[wb]The Lost Hunter by millemusen [wb]The Lost Hunter by millemusen
It was the first time there had ever been a real patrol going through the pine forest of Newtclan territory since the fox invasion that had plagued the clan long ago. Bone had taken a small patrol of newly made pine warriors, a new rank specialized for the pine forest, into the forest to train and hunt. The reddish scarred tom kept an eye on his four warriors but also kept an ear on the surroundings when he heard the sound of voices right outside the forest edge that he and his patrol was at. He turned to see if another patrol had caught up there, only to see two strangers, something he expressed his dislike for, not because he was hostile, but because he did not know if these strangers could be trusted.
Applebloom had been rather quiet on the turn, knowing that they could not see as far in the forest as they could out in the open grass. She had managed to catch a mouse and was showing it before she had to bury it so they could hunt more.
Pinerun had been goofing around most of the time, not really taking things seriously, but that weren't anything new. He had mostly been using the time to bother Shadowstreak, trying to get him to lighten up instead of being so mad all the time. Obviously Shadowstreak wasn't too keen on the brown tom's constant bothering and noise.
Bramblescruff had been talkative and cocky like always, giving Applebloom some applaud on the mouse and reminding her to bury it, but not really trying to stop Pinerun from bothering Shadowstreak. The flat nosed tom didn't hesitate to walk up beside his deputy upon the red toms annoyance with the stranger and vocalize his thoughts ''Well what are you waiting for? Let's go talk to them. Maybe they're lost or something'' without a word from his deputy, the tom walked out of the bushes and started to approach to two strangers, soon followed by an annoyed Bone and the rest of the patrol

your turn Xevithro
didn't reveal your characters so you could give them a more formal introduction like one does in rp

2x lines
2x color
2x shading
1x simple background
1x complex background
343 words(1)
10 lvl

simple background
343 words(1)
5 levels
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February 17, 2017
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