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[w-blade]poppykit by millemusen [w-blade]poppykit by millemusen
adopted from AgenderedKing
ayyyyy! i managed to draw a sorta human face. the feet are a bit small, but i kinda need practice so they can get better over time
note: im sorry if any text might sound wierd or have the wrong words for the context. some of it was written when i was tired or during the middle of the night
|| BASIC ||
Past Names


Birth Season
4 moons

Past Affiliation

Current Apprentice
Past Apprentices
burmilla(15%), Turkish van(20%), bombay(5%), european shorthair(50%), donsky(5%), highlander(5%)

She got a slightly skinny but rather average kit body. Her arms and legs appears slightly stronger due to her will to climb more or less anything she can. She's small in stature but that doesn't seem to stop her.
none at the current

Hair Texture
Her hair is thick, soft and poofy. She always have what little of her short hair is able, in a kind of ponytail with the sides being cut, evading her ears of cause
Hair Color
An orange/yellow golden color with black spots and a few darker stripes on one side while the other is completely black
Skin Color
A paleish color with darker spots. Most of her face is more pale along with her throat, chest and belly
Golden eyes

A seeming mix of pines and daisies
She have a young but not quiet high pitched voice, yet it isn't to far from a normal kit's
New-leaf/Green leaf
Generally a pair of long type of pants held up with a belt where her badge is tied too. Her chest is covered with a stitched together crop top
A long pair of pants reaching around the feet with fur sewn to the hips. She wears a jacket like shirt with fur sewn around the shoulders and down the back to help keep her warm
visual tba

Kitten badge
-During new-leaf and green leaf she have her kitten badge tied to the belt keeping her pants up
-During winter her badge is often seen tied somewhere on the fur around her shoulders, but it never seems to be consistent
|| SWORD ||
Sword Name

Blade Lenght
Sword/Blade Shape

Notable Features
|| STATS ||
Sword Fighting


Herbal Knowledge
Kitting Knowledge
Forge Knowledge

Belief in Starclan
She's still young and able to believe more as she grow
Belief in Dark Forest
''No one could possibly be that bad that something like this would exist. right?''
:bulletgreen:Kind | :bulletgreen:Patient | :bulletorange:Protective | :bulletorange:Honest | :bulletred:Stubborn | :bulletred:Oblivious

She a very kind and caring person with a golden heart. She often seems to be incapable of being intentionally cruel or mean and always shows others the utmost kindness she can, even an enemy she is not fighting. She is willing to show kindness to previous enemies, especially if they're hurt and while she might not be able to help them, she would find someone who could.

She is very patient, which tend to go along with her behavior of being more of a listener than a speaker. She down for listening to people's problems and ideas, even if she don't understand them or disagrees with them. She patient with others regardless of their age and will answer things like misdirected anger with patient confusion. She shows great patience to those younger than herself and have people who are going through hard times.

While she can be protective of others, she doesn't tend to be it in a violent way and instead use words to defend herself and someone else. Should she need to, she would be reluctantly willing to use violence to defend someone else, but she would rather find a way to do it without violence. While being protective of others can be a good thing, it can bring herself in danger as well. She wouldn't leave someone to get hurt if she could defend them long enough for them to get away.

She is very bluntly honest and doesn't tend to lie, but if need be, she can make white lies to try and help, not that she is a very good liar. It tends to be easy to see when she is lying, hence why she does it rarely and only when it is necessary. She would never make a promise she didn't know if she could keep and even then she doesn't usually promise anything because she doesn't want to risk lying.

She can be rather stubborn at times, especially when it comes to her patience with others and her want to climb things. She tends to try again and again until she either succeeds or it have been deemed impossible to her. She would rather try over and over than do nothing at all. While she might be able to hear others out, she can stubbornly hold onto her own opinions, even if she is convinced that some other thing is right.

she can be kinda oblivious to her surroundings and the mood of the room(so to speak). with her tendency to turn and walk at the same time, she isn't always aware of her surroundings and therefore tend to walk into or trip over something that were in the immediate surroundings of her. she doesn't always seem to notice the mood of the room during conversations and might say the wrong things unknowingly, but not intentionally.

-climbing anything and everything she can
-hurting someone she cares about
-shes a promising climber
-her family and any bonds she makes with others
-Sometimes her hands twitch open when she is holding something, sometimes making her drop something.
Her hands does twitch while she's climbing sometimes, but she does seem to be quick about avoiding to fall
-she tends to turn and walk at the same time
|| FAMILY ||
Daisyflower || A soft cream she-cat with dark amber eyes || NPC || 20+ moons
Lakerunner || a completely snow white tom with green eyes || NPC || 20+ moons
(epistatic white. would have been a silver brown spotted tabby)
Bumblekit || A light grey tabby with dark brown eyes || Adoptable || Alive || 4 moons || Thunderclan
Adopted Siblings

Maternal Grandmother
Maternal Grandfather
Maternal Aunts
Willowheart || A cream and white she-cat with amber eyes || Adoptable|| Alive || 20+ moons ||  Thunderclan
Maternal Uncles
Mousewhisker || A light grey tom with emerald green eyes || Adoptable || Alive || 20+ moons || Thunderclan
Coonmask || A choclate brown tom with thick black lines around his eyes and darker stripes, amber eyes || NPC || 50+ moons
Maternal Cousins
Brightpaw || Soft Ginger tom with sea green eyes || Adoptable || Alive || 6 moons || Thunderclan
Fallenpaw || Soft cream and orange tom with sea green eyes || AgenderedKing || Alive || 6 moons || Thunderclan

Paternal Grandmother
Paternal Grandmother
Paternal Aunts
Paternal Uncles
Paternal Cousins


Current Mate
Past Mates

Current Attractions
Past Attractions

unsure(to young)

Physical Preferences
yet to figure out
Personality Preferences
yet to figure out
Before Birth
Daisyflower and Lakerunner first met when they were young apprentices. Daisypaw had been out on her own for once to help the medicine cat gather herbs while her own mentor was out on patrol without her. During her herb hunt, she was attacked by a snake she had accidentally disturbed, but the attack was intercepted by a white tom wielding a stick like a spear. The newcomer had jumped in between them, hitting the snake with the stick, but the snake struck again, aiming now for the white cat whom had hit it. The cat was a bit slower, being inexperienced in combat himself and the snake managed to bite him in the leg before he managed to stab it with the broken end of the stick, killing it.

Being worried about this stranger that saved her, Daisypaw managed to convince him to let her take him to her camp where they could get the medicine cat to care for the bite. One the way as they hobbled they talked a bit and she learned that his name was lake, yet not why he where on Thunderclan territory or where his family or caretakers were. Lake was only a moon or two older than her and when they reached the camp, he was taken care of by the medicine cat. During the first couple of days he didn't really talk to anyone except for small talk with Daisypaw and thank yous for food and water, but over time he opened up to others. It was discussed that they would ask him if he wished to stay when he was healed to learn how to fight better so that he could take better care of himself, as a kind of thank you for saving one of their own, and when he was asked, he accepted but joked that he was probably going nowhere until his leg was fine.

When he was finally able to walk again, he was assigned a mentor to teach him how to fight and hunt, meanwhile Lake and Daisy seemed to grow closer every day. One day Lake managed to speak to the current leader and asked if they were missing any cats, because he would like to join. The answer he got was that they would discuss it, which was fine with him and he returned to his mentor. He was eventually allowed to join and was announced and renamed Lakepaw, keeping his name but getting an official clan name. Daisypaw and Lakepaw grew ever close as they grew up, though despite Lakepaw being older, Daisypaw became a warrior before Lakepaw due to the snake bite and then the rush of knowledge other than hunting and fighting he needed to learn. During Daisypaw's vigil, she was unaware that Lakepaw too stayed up, awake and worried about her.

When Daisyflower returned, Lakepaw was one of those who celebrated it the most, despite knowing the least and Daisyflower repaid that when Lakepaw finally became a warrior himself. Only a few days after Lakerunner had become a warrior, he expressed his feelings to Daisyflower, asking her to be his mate, and Daisyflower returned the love and accepted the proposal. While Daisyflower's sister would be the first to have kits, Daisyflower would follow suit and give birth to Poppykit and Bumblekit.

Just like everyone else, she and her brother didn't do much when they were born and a while after that. When they began to crawl around and could be able to do basic things, bumblekit showed to be the more hyper of the two, but poppykit showed a want to climb more or less anything her size or bigger, which she did with varying success. Despite her want to climb things, she showed to be the more calm and down to earth of the two. While she were not the most gentle of cats, she grew to be a kind and patient one, though still being a kid, she could become impatient. Despite being kind and as helpful as a kid her age could, she came to show herself as a bit oblivious to situations, but able to catch up if given time or enough hints. Sometimes she forgot to notice her surroundings, whenever she was climbing something or not and tended to get very minor injuries or generally walk into things or trip over them. Even when she got older, her want to climb things didn't diminish, instead she saw it as a kind of unspoken challenge to climb bigger and bigger things until she would perhaps one day climb the biggest thing in the world that no one else could climb.


|| OTHER ||
Relationship tracker

|| GROUP ||
Activity Level
as active as i can be. maybe i'll seem to fade in and out sometimes but thats more in the rp reply and art department. im usually always available for chats and such

Time Zone

sure, but i will have to be reminded to reply
yeah sure! this is the main rp metod for me
depends on the chat. da chats dont work for me
i dont really do this becaus they usually dissapear

Please do curse and swear around me all you want, I couldn't care less. i wont if someone asks me not to of couse
I don't really mind so much, i am a bit sensitive about damage to fingers and eyes, but i can handle it
Really depends on the type of gore. A good rule of thumb is to ask really
Sexual Themes
While i don't mind talking about it, i'm not really all that comfy rping it. i usually reply where i am, this includes in public places
if nudity counts under here. i honestly dont care, boobs are boobs, but i generally dont discuss the lower half of nudity(though i dont care about the words themselves)

Role-play Example(:iconroad-to-folkvangr:)
''Yeah'' she said ''Incredible. I doubt everyone else will think that though. They'll just point and scream witchcraft''she sighed, yet there was a tone of relief in her voice as she spoke. She was relieved that he had not tried to flee in terror or something, or do the aforementioned scream 'witchcraft' perhaps he was not one to believe in witchcraft. She didn't seem to mind his stare so much, considering she was used to people staring at her in general, nothing new there.

''It's alright. It's not your fault'' she said, pausing ''It's nobody's fault. I was just kinda.. Rather unlucky with how I happened to be born. I can tell you it's not easy having to hide your own face all your life. Fearing for your life and the life of those you care about, just because you weren't born looking like everyone else'' as she spoke, both her mouths moved at the same time, her voice with a slight echo due to both her mouths capable of breathing and speaking

She reached for the bread and broke off a piece, intentionally stuffing it into the mouth on the right, as she was incapable of eating with her left mouth, something she found out when she was younger as she nearly choked on some food because of it.
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