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[tmw]Bumbleheart|scout by millemusen [tmw]Bumbleheart|scout by millemusen
You spot a brown charcoal lynx point she-cat. The pale yellow running down her back and under her eyes tells you that she is from windclan. She greets you with a kind and trusting smile.
Relationships | Family Tree | Mushroom Tracker
|| Basic Info ||
Bumble - For her stripes and yellowish brown color
Heart - Named for her kindness and willingness to trust others
Bird: Dakota
39 moons
(28th day of the month)

Past Clan
Birth Clan
Beeskip| male | former mentor

|| Skills ||
1. Element
Your character can control small gusts of air.
2. Gust
Your character can control the breeze around them.
3. Breeze
Your character can control and create gusts of air, even if there aren't any wind currents around them.
4. Eat my Dust!
Your character can use small gusts of wind to propel themselves forward at great rates of speed.
5. Channel
Your character can create stronger gusts of wind. They're strong enough to lift another cat a few feet in the air for a few moments or knock another feline off their paws.
6. Bird Tongue
Your character can speak the tongue of creatures who can fly.

|| Family ||
Berrysting | Riverclan | alive
black classic tabby with low white
she was well liked. i really miss her, but i wheren't born to be of riverclan

Smallnose | Riverclan | deceased
brown lynx point
i never got to meet him. im sure he was all nice! but i wish i could have met him

Featherstep | Riverclan | sister | alive
gray classic tabby with light grey high white
shes... nice i guess. i havn't really seen her much since i moved to windclan..

Robinpelt | Riverclan | brother | alive
black solid with rusting and low white
he was always really quiet, but he never really seemed to mind snuggling in the nest at night. i wish i didn't have to move

Runningsong| Windclan | aunt | alive
chocolate silver classic tabby with low white

Foxwish | Windclan | uncle | unknown
seal mink with low white

feathershine | Riverclan | aunt | alive
gray mackerel tabby with low white

Sparrowgaze | Thunderclan | uncle | deceased
chocolate spotted tabby with medium white

Twistedleap | Windclan | male cousin | alive
everyone always gave him unsure looks and i always heard whispers about him. i guess they dont like his doubt gift, but its not like his other gift is of any use. its not even colored or glowing or anything. i dont get it. its not like he can do any other thing than any other windclanner

Smallsky | Windclan | male cousin | alive
gray solid with low white



|| Relationships and Orientation ||
Looking for
Lasting relationships
Relationship tracker
Will be drawn and submitted separately

-Not put off by her clingy and trusting nature

-Bullies and cruelty

-she won't mind having more than one mate, as long as all her mates don't mind sharing
-if she have a female mate who gets pregnant, she won't mind also functioning as the mother and share the duties if need be

|| Personality ||
:bulletgreen:Kind | :bulletgreen:Trustworthy | :bulletorange:Trusting | :bulletorange:Curious | :bulletred:Stubborn | :bulletred:clingy
She's a very kind and friendly cat, typically showing kindness towards others, even strangers. Unless she have a personal distrust or hatred toward someone, she would even be kind to those her clan would consider enemies. She's usually one you can trust with a lot and if you're friends with her, you can certainly count on her if she knows she needs to be there. Under normal circumstances, she would never reveal secrets she knows of, the exceptions being if it risks her clan, the life of another or own her life. She's very trusting towards others, even strangers and while that may be good, she can sometimes be too trusting of others. Should her trust be broken, its very hard to regain it again as she put her trust in you. She tends to be really curious about things, causing accidental eavesdropping and sometimes accidentally wandering off from a patrol. She can be very stubborn and cling onto things she believed in and try to do something that seems impossible, this tends to aid her clinginess as well. She can be very clingy to those she cares and loves about, if she feels she have some kind of positive bond, you can expect that she becomes clingy and scared to leave and/or loose you.

Hess rather protective towards bumbleheart and while he may flap his wings at you for whatever reason, he will no attack unless he or bumble is attacked, or bumble tells him to. Despite his seemingly always angry and hostile demeanor, he's a rather kind and gentle bird when he wants to be and he would protect anyone bumble cares about

|| History ||
Berrysting and Smallnose first met the day before their apprenticeship as Berrykit was brought to her new home in Riverclan. Berrykit had been from Windclan, yet the two soon to be warriors got along pretty well and spend every time they could together. The two cats grew ever closer with the moons and while they did their best to hide it, they felt love towards each other, for something more than friendship, yet it wasn't until long after they became warrior, that Berrysting dares to ask Smallnose to be her mate. It didn't take long for them to have kittens, yet fortune didn't smile that much on them. Not long before Berrysting was due to give birth, and accident happen during a patrol that caused Smallnose's death. Berrysting was never told what had happened, but she decided to focus more on the little kittens that was going to be born soon, and who was going to need her more.

She was born as the last in her litter, bringing a surprise with her as well. While it was not uncommon for kits of a litter to have different gifts, she was the only one of her and her two siblings to not be born with the Riverclan gift, instead the long line from her head, down her back, showed that she had the Windclan gift. Despite the clear sign that she would have to leave Riverclan, her mother treated her as she did her other two kittens, but always made sure to try and prepare her for when she had to leave. Just like any Riverclan born kittens, she was brought through the water blessing, something she disliked and fussed a lot about until she was given back to her mother. She clung a lot to her mother, but still played with her siblings and other kits. She grew and honed her Windclan gift, using it to mess with and put the odds in her favor in the games they played, yet she was jealous that she couldn't hold her breath as long as her siblings could. On the day she had to leave to go to the clan her gift told she would, it was hard for her to let go and even when she arrived to her clan, she would not leave the den for days, despite having an aunt, uncle and two cousins there, who would visit her everyday to get her food, water and company.

While she refused to leave the den during her apprentice ceremony, she got to meet her mentor as he entered the den to meet and talk to her, hoping to be able to get her out and about and start her training. While it took some time, she started to attach to her aunt, uncle, mentor and cousins, starting to see her aunt and uncle as secondary parents. While she did her best to learn as quick as possible while still not missing a lesson, she found herself wanting to be alone and crying, missing her parents and siblings. She often wondered why she had to be the only one of her siblings who had to leave Riverclan. During her downtime where she had no training to do, she often spend the time with her two cousins, Twistedpaw and Smallpaw, practicing fighting with them and just generally talking about their previous days and what had been going on in their trainings.

In between teaching Bumblepaw to hunt fight and the duties of a scout, he found time to teach her about her gift and what she could learn, giving her hints and help to how she could learn new things to do with her gift. At some point during her late apprenticeship, her uncle disappeared and there were found blood where he was last assumed to be, yet no sign of actual death. Every patrol was told to keep a sharp eye out for him, yet he was never found. The loss hit Bumblepaw kinda hard and she ended spending a lot of time alone, doing mock scout duty as she weren't a scout yet, spending the time on honing her gift as much as she could, yet despite it, she still spend time with her mentor and aunt. Over time she got better and her bond to her aunt and mentor only strengthened.

She ended up learning new abilities with her gift, yet never could she seem to meet a bird she could bond with for when she became a warrior. She was always really ecstatic and happy to come along for a gathering so she could spend just a little time with her mother and siblings, getting to know how they were doing and how their training went. She still felt a bit jealous of her siblings that they got to stay with their mother while she had to leave. Her jealousy never got the best of her and she instead told them of how she was doing, both everything good and bad.

Bumblepaw, Twistedpaw and Smallpaw all became warriors at roughly the same time, Bumblepaw being named Bumbleheart for her kind and trusting nature while her cousins was named Twistedleap and Smallsky respectively. Unlike her two cousins, she didn't learn the bird tongue skill or bond with a bird. She couldn't seem to find a bird to bond with, but despite it, she did her best as her scout duty, staying awake and alert during duty and relaxing in camp when she was not on duty. She never seemed to be in too much of a hurry to learn and bond with a bird, but rather she focused on other cats and her duties  as she felt it would be more important at least at the moment.

The day she learned the skill bird tongue, was the day she met who would be her bonded bird, a bird of prey nonetheless. She had just been doing her regular duties when she was interrupted by rustling in the bushes, finding a crashed falcon like bird trying to escape. It was easy to notice the broken flight feathers preventing it from flying away and as it was not so badly injured the best thing to do was kill it, she took it to camp despite its protests so it could get healed and be safe until it could fly again. With time though, the bird, now known as Dakota, didn't fly away when he could, instead he stayed around, making it a habit of skulking on Bumble's back, it turning out that they bad bonded and were now seen together nearly always unless Dakota was getting food for himself.

|| RP Sample ||:iconwarriors-bloodlines:
''That is indeed a small clan'' he sighed ''it's strange thinking back when it was only me and dropbush. Now we're so many cats from all walks of life and families, I can get hard to keep track off. If you wish, we can arrange semi-regular patrols from newtclan to aid you in keeping your clan safe'' he nodded softly and looked up to the sky, it looked nice, yet the cliff edge reminded him that he was not on ground he was used to ''Newtclan rarely ever turns anyone away either, and those we do, we direct to another clan that might take them in, and we gladly escort them if they wish so'' he said, agreeing to not leaving anyone without a home
''And as for kits, not everyone tends to think about having them, I personally thought more about my clan above having kits and while I still do that, I have sired two litters so far and as a male, there's not much to it other than being a father, but I can only imagine what she-cats goes through'' he laughed softly, his smooshed muzzle giving him a slightly louder breathing upon laughing ''Maybe I should ask some of the current queens once I get some time, I do not doubt that they'd know'' she sighed softly ''At Least they don't have to worry about raising them on their own or with their mates. Everyone who can helps, and there's always someone there to defend them all all the kits''
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